On the blog we have a 6 Kink Rating known as a One Hand Read. Since October is also KINK Month, we have a naughty treat for 2017 Halloween. While Amazon may ban a book for its content, they will certainly deliver some naughty treats to your door.  Forget the unmarked packaging sales pitch. We all know what those little brown boxes mean.  Yes, we are talking about Sex Toys this month. And we have a selection you can received in two days with free shipping.  So let the fun begin. Check them out below: Obviously this device was meantRead Blog Post

♛ ♛ ♛ There is nothing the Unseelie king doesn’t acquire. That was until he meets Fionna Cathbad. A fierce druid, who won’t bow to anyone. Especially Lars. The demon king has every right to kill her, her treasonous acts against the crown are undisputable. But, she is the key to the one thing he wants more than anything. The cauldron of dagda. A powerful treasure that no fae should possess. To get what he wants, he finds the very thing that forces her to help him, leading them to down a dangerous path. Because it’s not only Fionna whoRead Blog Post