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Hello, my name is Lola!  To casually say I am a romance book addict is an understatement. I have 19 Amazon wish lists with over 1,051 books to be purchase and/or read. I have decided to accept and embrace my crazy. To forego any meds, cures, therapy or home remedies.  Therefore, I will choose to live my life with a permanent book hangover.  No 10-step program for me.

I am a sassy stew by day and a naughty reader by night.  I spend an average of 15 nights in a hotel getting busy under the sheets with my nose buried in my Kindle reading “Just one more chapter.”

I love a good romance.  Lately my preferences is bad-ass rock stars and billionaire alpha men.  Plus, who knew a good ménage would create such a frenzy.  Throw in a little “KINK”, voila!  You had me at “mine”

So, if you are: at least 6 feet tall, sex on legs, powerful, well-endowed, media or   real estate mogul, have your own G6, luxury penthouse apartments in London, Paris, Rome, New York, Las Vegas,  Los Angeles, and Seattle; endless designer suits and a private island, then I AM YOURS FOR THE NEXT 400 PAGES BABY!

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