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Welcome to my world! My name is Lola and I’m a self-proclaimed romance book addict. With over 1,051 books waiting to be read, it’s safe to say that my love for romance novels knows no bounds.

I’ve embraced my addiction and decided to forgo any treatments, therapies or home remedies. Instead, I’ve chosen to live my life with a permanent book hangover – and I couldn’t be happier.

By day, I’m a sassy stewardess, but at night, I’m a naughty reader with my nose buried in my Kindle. I’ve spent countless nights in hotel rooms, lost in the pages of my latest obsession, always telling myself “just one more chapter” before finally succumbing to sleep.

When it comes to romance, I’m all about bad-ass rock stars and billionaire alpha men. And who knew a good ménage could create such a frenzy? Add a little “KINK” and I’m hooked!

So, if you’re at least 6 feet tall, sex on legs, powerful, well-endowed, a media or real estate mogul with your own G6, luxury penthouse apartments in London, Paris, Rome, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Seattle; endless designer suits and a private island, then I’m yours for the next 400 pages, baby!

Join me on my journey as I explore the world of romance novels, sharing my thoughts and recommendations along the way. Whether you’re a fellow book addict or just looking for a steamy escape, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get lost in the pages together!

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