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THE PRINCE Book Review | Tiffany Reisz (@tiffanyreisz) #SinnersSunday

5 KINK Review | Tiffany Reisz knows how to write smut – Elegant smut that is. Fans of BDSM & erotica will bow down and kiss the boot for Tiffany Reisz’ The Prince, the third book in her Original Sinners series.

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THE SIREN Book Review | Tiffany Reisz (@tiffanyreisz)

5 KINK Review | It’s Sinner’s Sunday on Mile High KINK Book Club. For the next several Sundays we will feature The Original Sinners: The Red Years by Tiffany Reisz. It’s our required reading for the summer. We invite you to read The Siren and our review. If you are a follower of Tiffany’s must read series, please share your thoughts each week with us. We hope you enjoy!

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