Decadence After Dark in Audio

3 Reasons To Be CLAIMED in Audio | M. Never #EllieAndKayneComeToLife

New Audio Release Alert | "I like you collard, baby. I like you naked. I like you mine." Imagine hearing these words in your ears. Listen. Repeat. Listen Again - Break Out The Beats Baby.....#EllieAndKayneComeToLife

INDIGO NIGHTS Book Review | Louise Bay (@louisebay) – Author

We are sooo thrilled to celebrate the new release Indigo Nights by Louise Bay. We have fabulous review for you inside. Grab your copy today!

PRIEST Book Review | Sierra Simone (@theSierrasimone) – Author

"Did you really think that by wearing a collar everyday you would stop being a man?" ...PRIEST by Sierra Simone. Have you met Father Bell? We have a 6 KINK review for your reading pleasure inside.

OWNED Book Review | M. Never (@mneverauthor) – Author

Have you met Kayne Roberts? We have and we are still in shock over his behavior. Check out our 6 KINK review for Owned by M. Never, a dark erotic romance in the Decandenc After Dark series.

DOUBLE TIME Book Review | Olivia Cunning (@oliviacunning) – Author

Trey Mills, guitarist for Sinners, is one sexy, hot and deviant rock god. And that's all good. Double Time is not for the faint of heart. Step away if you are not down and dirty with M/F, M/M and M/F/M sex scenes. This story will literally melt your Kindle, panties and burn your fingertips. Check out our 6 KINK review