Book Review | AMERICAN QUEEN by Sierra Simone (@thesierrasimone)

American Queen by Sierra Simone Release Date: October 25th Add to Goodreads: WOW! I held my breath for 6 hours! I finished American Queen and the psychedelic trip I experience will remain for some time. I can now breathe again. Oh oh oh, the side effects are staggering. You will find yourself experiencing anxiety, increase heart rate, palpitations and insomnia.  I was up past 4am reading.  But the high was worth the sleepless night. Sierra Simon’s writing is my illustrious drug of choice. And I am totally addicted.   I remember the cover reveal and thought, what a gorgeous cover! I remember reading read more

PRIEST Book Review | Sierra Simone (@thesierrasimone) – Author

Priest by Sierra Simone Pulication Date: June 29, 2015 Website | Facebook |  Goodreads |  Twitter Genres: Erotica, Romance Purchase links: Amazon Add to Goodreads  Warning: “There is sex, more sex and definitely some blasphemy” 6 KINK REVIEW  Wow, just WOW!  OMG! If only they knew what I was reading on my Kindle. I knew reading PRIEST book cover it was going to be a good read.   It takes “forbidden” “holy crap” and “O, God’ to another level.  It doesn’t hurt that the book comes with a warning!  Oh yeah, sign me up for the fall. We are introduced read more