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💐Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone: Release Blitz💐

We must confess: We are falling down happy for the new release Midnight Mass by Sierra Simone. Spend Christmas Eve with Father Bell and Poppy! Available Now

Release Blitz + $20 Amazon #Giveaway: Degrade by T. L. Smith

I’m an idiot, I know this. I just can’t help myself. When it comes to him, I do as he says, do as he pleases. Even if it’s against everything, I believe in. He has a hold on me, which no other person has ever held. I don’t believe he loves me, but I love him. So that has to count for something? Right? My love is big enough. I believe it can hold onto both of us and wrap us up in a vice grip. See, I did tell you, I’m an idiot.