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Who am I, you ask?

I am a reader, reviewers, and aficionado of romance books. To casually say I am a romance book addict is an understatement. I have decided to accept and embrace my craving. To forego any cures, therapy, or home remedies.  Therefore, I will choose to live my life with a permanent book hangover.  No 10-step program for me.

Why Blog Romance Books?

I love a good romance. After discovering Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James,  it brought me back to the joy of reading. It has been a never ending love affair with finding my next fix.

My preferences are bad-ass rock stars and billionaire alpha males. Plus, who knew a good ménage would create such a frenzy (Yeah, there’s an app for that too!). Throw in a little “KINK”, voila!  you have me at “mine”.

To the individual who left their coveted copy of Fifty Shades of Grey at the airport, I am so sorry, but I thank you. It’s because of you I step into this mad and lustrous world of adult fiction with naughty bits and sexy times.

To My Future Book Boyfriends

If you are: at least 6 feet tall, sex on legs, powerful, well-endowed, media or real estate mogul, have your own G6, luxury penthouse apartments in London, Paris, Rome, New York, Las Vegas,  Los Angeles, or Seattle; endless designer suits and a private island, then I AM YOURS FOR THE NEXT 300 PAGES BABY!



Review Policy updated as of August 9, 2017

I read purely for pleasure. It’s my intent to make reviews insightful.  Every book  I read does not result in a book review. I do write reviews for books that engaged me and promote books I LOVE and want to recommend to my friends.

6 – One Hand Read
5 – FRIGGIN Amazing
4 – Pretty awesome
3 – A good read
2 – It was okay
1 – Not for me


New Category – Yeah, I went there!!! You will too. May not admit it. But I will.  Therefore, I will take a hit for the team.

The Mile High KINK Book Club is currently accepting book review requests via eBooks, printed ARCs, netgalley and audiobooks from publicists, PR firms, agents, and authors. Please feel free to contact me at milehighkink@gmail.com indicating REVIEW REQUESTS as the subject line.

On The KINK Report, we are currently accepting book review request at most 3 months in advance. Most importantly, please indicate the deadline for review.  I wish to keep your expectations in the highest regard.

I do try to make a special effort to tie in book reviews with current events and/or holidays.  For example, Sports Romances may get reviewed in time for the opening sports season,  i.e. NFL, NHL, MLB; World Series, The Masters, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup.e.g.  I love tie-ins (can’t you tell).

My e-reader of choice is the KINDLE PAPERWHITE.   I accept Kindle-approved formats (.mobi) and PRINT COPIES.  Additionally, to give my followers an incentive to share my reviews and as a thank you,   I do encourage Signed Paperbacks as Giveaways with reviews posted. Posted reviews will include the following information at the beginning:

Additionally, the review will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads websites. Links will be distributed to my social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+.  I thank you in advance for sharing the reviews with your readers.

My preferred genre is Romance with sub genres including erotica, romantic comedy, contemporary, historical erotica, dark romance, BDSM elements, sports romance, Hollywood romance, teacher/student romances, royalty romance, romantic suspense, mafia romance, rock star romance, holiday romance, D/s, dark romance.

I accept books in a series, however, all books in the series as of the latest installment must be provided, unless noted I currently have a copy.  My TBR is never ending!!

Complete Series and/or Box Set (5 Books or less) requests will require a maximum of a 2-month turnaround time for review.  In the case of a series, I will post each book review as a Spotlight Review with reference to the next book in the series.

If the review is not rated at least a 3 KINK Review (A GOOD READ) I will forward the review to you before I post it on Mile High KINK Book Club, Goodreads, and Amazon.com

I will make every effort to respond to each review request.


Interested in having a book reviewed? It would be our pleasure. Email us at  milehighkink@gmail.com  and/or send directly to KINKREPORT@KINDLE.COM

Happy Reading!

Xx, Lola