From One-Night Puck to Office Romance | LUCKY PUCK by Raine Miller

Lucky Puck is a juicy romance with everything you want: love after divorce, hockey hottie and of course , hotel sex.


THE RULES OF DATING MY BEST FRIEND’S SISTER: Why I Won’t Support Novels that Romanticize Law Enforcement. #Booktwitter

Sorry, not sorry - I had to DNF after that cop fiasco in Chapter 3. Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited, at least I didn't waste my hard-earned cash on a book that's a definite NO for me.


From Soccer Mom to Art Thief: JOHANNA PORTER IS NOT SORRY | Read an excerpt

Get ready for a wild ride with a soccer mom who's not afraid to steal the show (and a famous portrait) in this laugh-out-loud debut novel.

Unleashing the Alpha: What It Takes to Be a Badass Book Boyfriend #readromance #booktwitter

THE BOLD AND BRAVE BAD ASS BOOK BOYFRIENDS - Last night, I watch Jurassic World for the umpteenth time and thought about the memorable scene to make me ponder: What makes a book boyfriend a bad ass?


Why I Refuse to Pay More Than $5.99 for an eBook

But when it comes to that one book I've been waiting for since the dawn of time (or at least since 2015), all bets are off. I don't care if it's more expensive than a diamond-encrusted unicorn, just take my money and be done with it. Some things are just worth splurging and for everything else, there's always the library.