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Dignity (The Breaking Point, #2) by Jay Crownover, Casey Jones, Natasha Soudek on October 17th 2017 Pages: 9 Published by Audible Studios Goodreads Looks can be deceiving. I knew that most people took one look at the ink and the impossibly big and strong body it covered and decided I was a brawler…a bruiser…a beast. However, I was hardwired to be a thinker, not a fighter—my mind being my greatest weapon and my biggest weakness. I should have chosen to use my brain and talents to be one of the good guys, a hero, a man with dignity and worth.Read Blog Post

Mayhem’s Desire (Operation Mayhem #2) by Lindsay Cross Cover Design: Kari March Designs Release Date: September 28, 2017   Synopsis His traumatic past has left him dark… and longing for love. Hicks thinks good and evil comes in black and white. No blurred lines, no grey areas. After being subjected to a horrific experiment that’s left him damaged as a super soldier, Hicks seeks comfort from his torment in reliability. He’s got clear rules on morality and isn’t willing to break them. Until her. Whitney is a seductress. Secretly working for a Senator as a mistress, she puts on leather outfits and aRead Blog Post