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Welcome to The Forever Girl blog tour. We invite you to visit to Wildstone again. Read the first chapter inside.


Someone’s Listening is available now. Imagine waking up from a car crash inquiring about your husband who was in the car with you. The police claim you were alone and no one can prove otherwise.

Imagine publishing a self-help book about how to leave an abusive relationship. Imagine your husband has now disappeared.

Dirty Pool by Bethany – Kris

Book Review | The Marcellos are a mafia powerhouse. It has it all, breathtaking romance and shocking suspense. Gabbie Casey, the daughter of the Irish mob and Michel the son of the Italian mob, creates the perfect forbidden romance. Loving each other proves to be a danger to everyone around them

HOOK SHOT by Kennedy Ryan

This is an intense sports romance series that has the romance community buzzing. Plus, Kennedy Ryan is giving away a signed Hook Shot paperback & a $50 gift card. Check it out inside.