FILTHY VOWS by Alessandra Torre

LEAVING LAS VEGAS | Love ain't easy and forever is even harder. Check out Elle and Easton. Torre wields her pen with a flame in this steamy and seductive erotic romance.

Making Up by Helena Hunting

5 Kink Review | Making Up starts with a bang, then dials up the sexual chemistry to full throttle and will have to tearing through the pages to a perfect happy ending.

#FeaturedFriday | CRASHING THE A LIST by Summer Heacock

Filled with delicious wit, Crashing The A List is a great romantic comedy for enemies to lovers die hard fans of romance. Get ready to laugh your heart out, swoon with fury and fall in love unexpectedly with the entire gang.

Feature Friday : FALL by kristen callihan

HOW TO DATE A ROCKSTAR | FALL is everything I love about reading romance. It is epically lovable, beautiful and healing. A breathtaking romance for everyone who enjoys rock star romances should read this book. Purchase on sale today 1.99 ebook

CORRUPT by Penelope Douglas

KNOCK ON THE DEVIL'S DOOR AND RING THE DOORBELL - THEY WILL ANSWER It Was Personal. It Was Perfect BEST FRIENDS LOOK TO AVENGE ONE NIGHT They are going to pull off the ultimate revenge and It Will Taste So Sweet...... However, one of them wants more than revenge. Now one of the them wants payback!