Secrets, Scandal, and Steam | DARK SUCCESSION

Looking for a steamy read that’s more than just sexy times? Look no further than this mafia romance by Katee Robert! 

The O’Malley family is wealthy, powerful, dangerous, and bursting with scandal. And Teague O’Malley, the rebellious black sheep, is about to stir up some serious trouble.

Teague never wanted anything to do with his family’s name, but when he’s forced into a business alliance with the beautiful and mysterious Callista Sheridan, he sees an opportunity to finally break free. But Callie isn’t just any love interest. Oh no, she’s got secrets that could put them both in grave danger. Think witness protection program-level secrets. And if Teague wants to get out of the family business alive, he’s going to have to help her.

But it’s not just about the romance – this book has it all, from gangster politics to familial responsibility and just the right amount of suspense.

I absolutely loved reading this book – the writing was fantastic, the characters were engaging, and the plot was full of twists and turns that kept me hooked from start to finish. However, there is one aspect that left me feeling disappointed. While I understand that sometimes characters need to die for the sake of the plot, it felt like this death was done solely for shock value. It was a tactic that left me feeling cheated and frustrated. Despite this flaw, I still highly recommend the book – just be prepared for a heartbreaking loss that may leave you reeling.

With a modern twist on the classic marriage-of-convenience trope, it’s a marriage of convenience that’s about as convenient as a horse’s head in your bed.  And let’s be real, the plentiful and hot sexy times are just the cherry on top. 


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