Join the Love Tour: Baby Fawn Dates the Entire Band in LILAC by BB Reid

Are you tired of the same old love stories? It's time to switch it up with LILAC by BB Reid, the ultimate reverse harem experience that will rock your world! Meet Baby Fawn, the newest addition to the band who's taking sharing to a whole new level. Don't miss out on the audiobook, it's like having a front-row seat to the most incredible show in town.

Ready to rock and roll with the ultimate reverse harem experience? Meet Braxton Fawn aka “Baby Fawn” in LILAC by BB Reid. – the newest band member in the hottest rockstar romance with a Why Choose trope. But hold onto your leather pants, because this time the band isn’t just sharing the stage, they’re sharing the love – ‘Baby Fawn’ is dating the entire crew!

It’s like attending the concert of your wildest dreams, but with ten times the passion and ten times the pleasure creating a symphony of passion and desire that will leave you begging for an encore. Each character brings their own unique voice and style to the stage (aka ‘bedsheets’), creating a harmony of desire that will have you screaming for an encore.

And if you think the book is amazing, wait until you hear the audiobook – it’s like having a front-row seat to the most incredible show in town. Several narrators bring each character Houston Morrow, Loren James, and Jericho Noble a different vibe and you will mos def keep this audio on repeat. Don’t miss out on their latest tour. It’s a wild ride you won’t forget!

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