From One-Night Puck to Office Romance | LUCKY PUCK by Raine Miller

For all the Puck Bunnies: Lucky Puck is a juicy romance with everything you want: love after divorce, hockey hottie and of course , hotel sex.

Grant Gerald, a 39 year old retired hockey player and divorcee is a total hottie . He is also the new GM of the hottest team in Las Vegas – Vegas Crush . And how does he celebrate his new job? He meets sexy Devon, the team’s nutritionist , by accident of course [ fate I’m giving you a side eye] Talk about a workplace hazard, am I right? Sparks fly and before you know it, they are getting hot and heavy in her hotel room.

You know the kind – that makes the walls shake and the neighbors complain. Let’s just say, Devon got her money’s worth out of that hotel room.

The dialogue in this book is top notch. It’s witty and it’s sure to make you laugh out loud. You will feel like you’re there with Grant, Devon and their coworkers and friends.

The storytelling is like a slap shot to the face . it moves quickly, with plenty of scenes to keep you hooked from start to finish. There’s no time for boredom or unnecessary angst. This book is all about the romance and hockey .

There you have it, folks : Love, Hockey and Hotel Sex ! It’s everything you need for a book set in Sin City.

3 star read: Pink Pu$$y Alert. As a POC reader this term is very exclusionary and problematic. It’s not inclusive and reinforces the idea one type of body or genitalia is superior or inferior to another. I prefer language that is more neutral. Genitalia should not have a color . Otherwise the story would have been a 4 star read.

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