THE RULES OF DATING MY BEST FRIEND’S SISTER: Why I Won’t Support Novels that Romanticize Law Enforcement. #Booktwitter

In today’s social and political climate, I have a hard limit when it comes to cops as characters in romance novel. The scrutiny and criticism law enforcement currently faces to issues of police brutality, racism and systemic biases can not infiltrate my escape – reading romance.

As a reader, the portrayal of law enforcement in romance novels is a topic that can be sensitive and complex. In Chapter 3 of THE RULES OF DATING MY BEST FRIEND’S SISTER, the idea of a cop intentionally impounding Lala’s vehicle because of a parking spot dispute is insulting and insensitive to the very real problems that many communities face at the hands of law enforcement.

It’s understandable to question why an incident like this was considered funny and necessary to include in the story. The glorification of a petty dispute as humorous and entertaining with the involvement of a law enforcement officer can be seen as trivializing the very real and serious issues that are faced by individuals and communities who have experienced negative interactions with law enforcement.

It’s also important for authors to be aware of these concerns and create stories that are inclusive and enjoyable for all readers.  

Sorry, not sorry – I had to DNF after that cop fiasco in Chapter 3. Thank goodness for Kindle Unlimited, at least I didn’t waste my hard-earned cash on a book that’s a definite NO for me.


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