Why I Refuse to Pay More Than $5.99 for an eBook

Listen, I wish I had loads of money. However, I can’t one click every digital book that catches my eye. So, my hard cap for purchasing eBooks is $5.99.

Why do you ask? Well, I’m glad you did. Here are some of the reasons why I won’t pay a penny more than six bucks for a digital book:

  1. I need my daily latte fix: Look, I can either buy a $10 eBook or have caffeine coursing through my veins all day. Which one do you think I’m going to choose? Priorities, people.
  2. I’m saving up for a trip to Mars: Elon Musk ain’t gonna get me to the Red Planet if I’m dropping cash left and right on eBooks. Do you think astronauts read digital books? No, they have books with actual pages that won’t malfunction in zero gravity.
  3. I don’t want my Kindle to get jealous: If I start buying expensive eBooks, my Kindle will start thinking it’s hot stuff. Next thing you know, it’ll be making demands like a diva. Sorry, Sister, you’re not the boss of me.
  4. I’m trying to be eco-friendly (or something they say): Sure, eBooks are more eco-friendly. I am trying to save the planet and refuse to buy over my threshold is doing my part.

Listen, I have to admit though if my favorite author releases a new book I have been dying for since 2015 (Sylvia Day, I’m looking at you) I’m all over it like a cat on catnip. The book I’ve been dying to read from Sylvia Day.

So, If I have to pay more than six bucks for an eBook, it better come with a personal visit from the author and a foot massage. Otherwise, forget about it. So, to all the authors out there, take note: if you want my hard-earned money, you better keep those prices low. Or write like Sylvia Day. Just a suggestion.

As a final thought, I choose to purchase the paperback instead because I think it’s a better value for my money. I love books, but I don’t want to feel like I’m being ripped off by inflated eBook prices. By sticking to my budget, I can still enjoy my favorite books without breaking the bank.

So, there you have it. My reasons why I refuse to pay more than $5.99 for an eBook. But in all seriousness, digital books should be priced fairly, and $5.99 is a reasonable price for something that doesn’t have the physical production costs of a print book. Plus, it leaves me more money for lattes.

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