Book Review | BLUSH by Helen Hardt

What’s your pleasure?

The Black Rose Underground Club is back and hotter than ever. Don’t miss Helen Hardt’s next tantalizing and sensual new series in BLUSH.

Memorable characters, polished writing, and deliciously off-the-charts hot love scenes demonstrate a great read. It’s not a friends-to-lovers trope in my opinion. More like frenemies
Jack and Mandy have been best friends since diapers. However, they spent the majority of the book fighting with each other. Mandy wants the full BDSM experience and Jack tries to turn her away.

Jack should not have guided her through the Black Rose from the beginning. It should have been an experience to build up to. Inside the Black Rose club, they behaved like children fighting in the sandbox. Not a good look for someone who is supposed to be a Dominate.

Even when the characters make you want to hit them upside their heads, Hardt knows how to keep her readers invested in their story. Her writing is excellent, and I love everything she writes. I’m definitely waiting with bated breath for the next book in the series…BLOOM.

Thank you #Netgalley and #EntangledPublishing for the advanced reader copy.

What he wants from you will make you…Blush

Amanda Thomas is hopelessly in love with Jackson Paris, but he will never see her as anything more than his sweet and innocent bestie. After being virgin-adjacent for too long, Mandy is officially ready to move on. She wants to learn about hot, dirty sex, so she joins an online dating app where the enigmatic Mr. Dark promises to fulfill all of her wicked fantasies…

Jackson Paris has been keeping secrets from his stunning, too-innocent best friend―like forbidden sexual proclivities and his membership at the exclusive Black Rose Underground club. But Mandy has decided she needs an education―the filthy kind. As Mr. Dark, Jackson can safely give her a taste of what she wants―and deter her from pursuing more―without revealing his identity.

But in the dim, provocative atmosphere of Black Rose Underground, there are no secrets. Here, every wicked appetite is satisfied. And for the first time, Mandy will discover who her best friend really is…just in time to shock him with a secret of her own.

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