The Billionaire’s Arrangement is a modern-day Pretty Woman.  It leaves you swooning throughout with sizzling hot chemistry.   It’s packed with fire and passion.  It’s a page-turner to get you feeling a little hot ( ok a lot of hot) under the collar.   The sultry scenes sneak up out of nowhere.  Don’t let the beautiful and innocent book cover fool you. 

Money can buy everything and that includes innocent and virgin Nadia. When Paul discovers Nadia’s dire financial straits, he offers a bold proposition which she accepts.  I only wished her hometown BFF did not fill her head with “worst-case scenarios”.  It left her feeling so insecure and clueless about Paul’s true desire.  Paul is very much like “ Tell me I’m falling in love without telling me I am falling in love”.   Apparently, he will be the last one to know ( haha)

I am a hopeless romantic and Paul leaves me quaking at the knees.   He is seriously hot and rich, and he is everything I love when reading billionaire romance tropes. 


Paul Crane is rich, brilliant, and powerful. And I belong to him, body and soul…

I came to New York City to study design and build a life for myself. The last thing I was looking for was love.
I needed money for my family and for the medical bills that threatened to pull us into poverty.
I didn’t have time to worry about my loneliness filling that cold empty spot in my heart…then I met Paul Crane.
At first, it seemed like Paul was the answer to all my problems. But after he rescued me from a desperate situation,
I soon discovered Paul had demons of his own.
Paul wasn’t looking for a lover…
He wanted a companion, a kept woman. And I was captivated by his charm, lavish gifts, and trips to Paris.
And his touch awakened my desires, passions I had never dreamed of.
But the closer we get, the more I begin to wonder. What happens when our arrangement comes to an end…


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