Discovering the Beauty and Power of BEFORE I LET GO by Kennedy Ryan

Before I Let Go
Author: Kennedy Ryan
On Sale: November 15, 2022
Page Count: 400 Pages
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Romance/ Fiction / Contemporary

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“Before I Let Go” by Kennedy Ryan is a gripping novel

BEFORE I LET GO, written in first person dual POV left me feeling obsessed and undone over a divorced couple slow burning their asses back into a marriage.
Ryan introduces Josiah and Yasmen Wade a divorced couple who are also business partners of a soul fusion restaurant, GRITS located in Atlanta, GA. “Girls Raised In The South.” (If you know – you know)

The story moves you from pain to humor. One minute I’m crying, mad, and frustrated. I found myself thinking of my dear IRL Aunt. I have a need to just hold her in my arms and give her comfort. But moments later my toes point down, my girly parts twinkle like fairy lights over the words “THIS IS MINE” Whoa, hold on a minute…

Their children, daughter Deja, son, Kassim, and proud pet parents to Otis. We have a “Sheldon Cooper” son and a “Beyonce” content creator daughter of hairstyles, trends, and tutorials on social media. Together they create a beautiful and hilarious family dynamic. One of my favorite moments was Thanksgiving dinner.

“We always go around the table and say what we’re grateful for,” Deja tells everyone.

“Glad you remembered, Day,” Yasmen says, linking her hands under her chin. “You want to start?”

“Oh, sure,” Deja says. “I’m grateful for all my new followers. You can find me at Kurly Girly on the Gram and TikTok.”

Ryan includes a cast of fabulous secondary characters best friends Hendrix and Soledad. Everyone needs a Hendrix in their life:

Wasn’t prepared to see your ex quite so moved on?” Hendrix discreetly glances over my shoulder. “Well, get more prepared. They’re almost here, and she does not get to see how much it bothers you. Right now, ma’am, I need you to find your happy place, go there, and bring a bad bitch back.”

It’s giving a voice.
It’s giving culture
It’s giving confidence
It’s giving beauty
It’s giving a sneak peek into my POC life.
It’s Giving…

Before I Let Go reads as a screenplay bought to life or a tv series. The pages paint a picture of a beautiful household with such great details of sadness and joy alongside a restaurant in the stages of rebirth. You will laugh and cry and turn the last page with joy.

Basically, ALL THE FEELS

“Before I Let Go” by Kennedy Ryan is a story about a divorced couple, Josiah and Yasmen, who are business partners of a soul fusion restaurant in Atlanta.

The book takes the reader through a range of emotions, from pain to humor, with a mix of crying, frustration, and happiness. The story features their children, a son who is a content creator, and a daughter who is a trendsetter, creating a beautiful and hilarious family dynamic.

The book as a cinematic portrayal of a family and a restaurant in the process of rebirth. It evokes a sense of culture, beauty, and confidence, offering a sneak peek into a person of color’s life.

Overall, the book is an emotional rollercoaster, leaving the reader feeling obsessed and fulfilled.

Advance Reader Copy for review purposes provided by Forever Publishing. Thank you


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