OUR WAY by TL Swan | Book Review


OUR WAY IS A BEST “BESTIE-FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS” WITH A TWIST ROMANCE between Nathan and Eliza.  And Nathan, oh Nathan “sweep-you-off-your-feet hot” Mercer.  A 10 does not even begin to rate this guy.  He is too good for a 10 – a 10 is an insult to such hotness, genuine kindness, and best person in the world type of guy!!!

Oh Nathan.  Yeah, I do not read this trope at all.  It’s so boring to me.  I need my characters to have a strong attraction and to strongly dislike each other. BUT BEST FRIENDS?  My gawd, hell nah that is sooooooo  not !!!  And to top it off – they spend the night with each other constantly and when I say spend the night – I mean sleep in the same bed.  –  JUST FRIENDS… exactly.

After 10 years of shopping together, sleeping together, eating together, enjoying the same career together, championing each other – he finally gets a hard-on while waiting as she tries on new lingerie.  Now suddenly of little random normal outing becomes a weeniefest.

But Nathan Mercer is a no holds barred all the way type of lover.  And when he decides he is in love with Eliza, his best friend – there is nothing he will not do for her.  I just wish she understood that.  She was just too needy in this relationship.  Too bad she is a total basket case riddle with insecurity.  And her so call best friends leave something to be desired.  They give her all kinds of bad advice regarding how to deal with Nathan.  

They are so against her being in a relationship with Nathan.  She does not know how to think for herself. So, instead she decides to go the route of “we’re-definitely-not-hooking-up- even-though-we-totally-are-hooking-up-and-lying-about-it- to-everybody”

In the end, she gets her happy ending even though it was like wadding through a swamp of bad advice and bad ideas.  But Nathan endured all her messiness for his happily ever after.  END RESULT:  I CALL DIBS ON NATHAN – THE BOY IS MINE!!!!!!!!

Nathan Mercer, the only man in my life.
Loving him was never an option.

We met ten years ago, when we started at the same company on the same day.
Both new in town and with nobody else to rely on, we quickly became friends.
And while Nathan went on to rule San Francisco, I’m still doing the same job with the same people.
We finish each other’s sentences; we spend Christmas together and he sleeps at my house more than his.
He’s beautiful…. beyond belief.
In another life, he’s probably my soul mate.

However, lately things have changed.
He’s started looking at me differently.
His eyes drop to my lips as I speak.
His hugs are tighter…. longer.
Our fights are more passionate, his jealousy insane.
I know it’s all in my head….it has to be.

They say to never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.
I don’t. To him I’m a queen.
But our story is complicated.

And as much as I love Nathan Mercer with all of my heart. . . He’s the one man I can never have.


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