Hook, Line, and Sinker
Author: Tessa Bailey

Publication Date: March 1, 2022
Publisher: Avon Books

Lights, camera, action! Wow!!!! I freaking love this story.

Hannah, the sister from It Happen One Summer’s heroine, learns how to be the leading lady in her life while slowly stepping out from the sidelines. She works as a lowly Production Assistant with a desire to become a film composer.

The main theme is friends to lovers. Fox Thorton, is a heart-wrenching hero who blames his past for his womanizing. His self-loathing as a manwhore has created a life void of relationships. Like other king crab fishermen in the Northwest, his love is the sea. Together they create a perfect storm in romance.

I had to put my kindle down and create a music playlist to continue reading. The nostalgia of music and life is so personal for me. Like Fox and Hanna’s story with music, I relate moments in my life to movies. This is probably why I loved Hannah’s blossoming journey. She found her life’s calling and a happy ever after. The epilogue was epic (pun intended).

If you can believe sweet, heartwarming, and seriously hot and dirty sexy banter can coexist, you have yourself a Tessa Bailey romance. This story is really hot.
Bailey is a great storyteller. The writing is so descriptive and engaging, I could hear the raging storm through her words and the music selections. Right now, I am listening to The DoorsRiders of the Storm as I write this review.

Hook, Line, and Sinker is a deeply emotional standalone story in The Bellinger Sisters series. If you love a seductive slow-burn with small-town charm, then you’ll love Tessa Bailey’s sizzling rom-com romance.

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