Title: How to Survive A Modern Day Fairytale

Author: Elle Cruz

Published: November 30, 2021

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

READER ALERT: Don’t miss Elle Cruz’s debut novel it’s a HOT AND SPICY READ

How To Survive A Modern-Day Romance was everything my little romance junkie heart craves. And to think I was going to skip it because of the book cover. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great cover but it screams “kiss and fades out. “


I was wrong. Instead, I got a ” hot spice to burn your fingers” page-turner. I couldn’t put the book away because every chapter ended like a mini cliffhanger.
Meet Claire and Nate. Claire Ventura is a 30-ish Flipino- American cookie entrepreneur who meets Nate Notura , Asian -American 30-ish Tech Billionaire. Think Facebook and Google together in the romance world.

The meet-cute was pure chef’s kiss! All I will say is this: It includes a blank check. This detail makes my “meet-cute Mount Rushmore.”

However, one small detail I miss tremendously. Whenever family and friends ask how you meet, YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE THE BLANK CHECK. Claire was very insecure and hesitant about pursuing her cookie hobby as a business. She is secretly dating the most eligible billionaire who is championing her would-be success. I only wish she embraced the fact she had a front-row seat, both literally and figuratively on How to Be Successful with Nate as both a lover and a mentor. That’s the Financial Management major in me speaking out.

Focusing on the business aspect of each character was also a win-win for this business major.

Next, the Cinderella complex I am cursed with is why I love reading romance. How to Survive A Modern Day Fairytale has everything I love all in one basket. Nate created every romantic gesture your heart can imagine. It’s kinda hard to beat these antics. If you are a romance reader who loves the most outrageous romance you will not be disappointed. Nate and Claire together will leave your hearts fluttering.

My fellow dark romance friends say it sounds full of fluff. And my response was: So much fluff it makes Cotton Candy sour and I loved reading every moment of it. I don’t read for deep emotional connection in my romance. I read for the escape and do not take everything so seriously. The more over the top the more I love. It has great dialogue, loving overbearing family life, and the drive to follow your dreams.

If reading for escapism is your objective, getting lost in Claire and Nate’s love story will be a pure joy with so many heartwarming details with her family.

My Romance Catnip is listed below:
⦁ Billionaire romance
⦁ Private Jets
⦁ Exotic and Sexy travel destinations
⦁ Best Friend banter
⦁ Swoon-worthy Hero
⦁ Meddlesome family

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Claire Ventura is nothing like the poised and perfect heroines she reads about in her favorite romance novels. She’s a quirky, people-pleasing bookworm with a loving yet obliviously intrusive family and a passion for cookie decorating—all rolled into a five-foot-two Filipina American fueled by chamomile tea.

Then she meets Nate, billionaire CEO of a global tech company, the modern-day Prince Charming who sweeps her off her feet. Though he does his best to convince Claire that he’s genuinely head over heels for her, she knows he’ll soon realize she’s more underwhelming Plain Jane than jet-setting socialite. And once he meets her family, if their initial questioning doesn’t scare him off, then their tendency to decide “what’s best for her” certainly will.

Between her whirlwind romance with Nate and her meddlesome family, Claire wishes she had a fairy godmother to guide her. But this is the real world in the twenty-first century, and the only way to get her happily ever after is by grabbing firm hold of what she really wants—and letting her heart be her guide.

Elle Cruz is a writer of steamy contemporary romance. When Elle was a kid, she’d get in trouble on purpose to be sent to her room so she could read all day long. She thanks her lucky stars that her parents never thought to take books away from her when she was grounded. In a way, it was mom and dad’s fault for unintentionally cultivating a voracious reader and writer.

After earning her English degree from UC Irvine, Elle eventually went back to school to become a nurse. Apparently she couldn’t get enough of learning because she went to grad school to earn her doctorate degree.

Elle is the daughter of immigrants. She is fiercely proud of her background as a second-generation Filipino-American. She is dedicated to carving out a permanent place for POC in mainstream publishing by contributing her voice to the growing list of diverse authors.

Elle lives in Southern California with her supportive husband and two wonderful kids. When she’s not writing, she likes to keep her body guessing with her two obsessions: cookies and working out.

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