WHITE RIBBON | Oh, Grandmother. What big hands you have!!! @aleatharomig

DONT ASK ME WHY BUT, all I have to say is “Leave the Door Open” for Donovan Sherman.  When Julia leaves her car after being stranded in a snowstorm, she entered the Wolf’s den. Was she rescued? or captured?

Either way, count me in!!! I have a feeling I’m going to need a stiff drink after Red Sin. I can only hope “Van” is a true alpha male and apex predator because I want to see Skylar Butler destroyed too. ( Yeah, I love revenge) .

White Ribbon will satisfy your drug of choice – spicy sex just as it leaves you ready for more. …..

So please please please don’t disappoint me . I am ready to be Aleatha’d !!!!

My mood for the next 19 days as I wait for Red Sin: vexed 


Julia McGrath’s world is shaken.

Seizing the opportunity to flee her commitments, obligations, and the lies she’s accepted for too long, Julia embarks on a quest for a new life. Replying to a job listing has her driving away from Chicago to the northern top of Wisconsin.

A surprise snowstorm turns her world into a snow globe. Ice covered roads lead her into a snowbank. Determined to not freeze, she sets out. With the road covered in snow, she follows the white ribbon of snow.

Donovan Sherman is a private man, known as a wolf in both business and his private affairs. The last thing he plans to encounter on the snow covered road near his home is a nearly frozen woman. Even a wolf has a den.

Feel the heat as these two individuals discover what life has to offer along the white ribbon.


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