The One-Night Stand

“I’ll just read a few chapters “ I said. Big Mistake.

Every story I read from this duo is like a burst of fresh air. This book took three episodes of VIKINGS to read and now I must watch those 3 again.

One Night Stand is everything sports romance fans could wish for: hot bodied athletes, bro code antics,  romance, fearless and driven female lead – and a mischievous dog name Torque in this funny, romantic, and sexy story. 

When Gabe bumps into Rachel at a Super Bowl party, he is taken back in time to his attraction to her in college and immediately captivated by her once again. Rachel is attending the party to find the scoop on the uber- secretive and exclusive THE PLAYERS CLUB, an underground club she has spent years trying to expose.

The sensual love scenes add heat to this thoroughly entertaining read. Plus, a strong sense of ambition draws the reader deeper into an irresistible and emotional love story.


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