The Office Party

Oh my holly golly, I love this short read so much!  Whitney G totally “sleighed it” and did not disappoint.  

Look  no further for your next holiday romance novella.  Readers who love Whitney G will not want to miss her latest “hot mess characters”.  The best part of celebrating the holidays even at work may be participating in a secret Santa with your coworkers.  

In THE OFFICE PARTY, Savannah gets the short end of the yuletide log – she pulls her boss’s name – Garrett West. In her attempt to knowingly show him she did not put any thought into a gift, she regifts a box from her closet. Suddenly, office politics go from nice to naughty in the best ways. Their attraction has been a powder keg waiting to explode for over a year. Along the way they slowly let their walls fall in the most hilarious story. Between the boyfriend advice, her coworkers’ interoffice chatrooms, you are guaranteed to belt out

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