Bonk!! That is me falling to the floor, hitting my head while laid the freak out.  

Let me tell you why I had to read this book. I did not care about the blurb – really it was an extra bonus.  You know what now that I think about it , I have not read it completely . I skimmed it. sssh do not tell. 

It was the cover! Ok, while the cover is not original, I still wanted the book for the shelfie love!!! The title said “Read Me If You Like BDSM”  oh yeah, this book nerd wants her romance dark and dirty. 

What is the book? I can hear my bestie shouting at me as I keep saying  “Oh no he didn’t”    For a hot minute, FOLLOW ME DARKLY was reading like a 3-star read for me.  The author was using words like “vulva” and “climax”.  Who uses the word Climax these days.  I want my big Os literally and figuratively. Yeah, I said it.  Each time the words appeared I was in a Sex Ed class. Nah not for me. 

This book is about Braden Black. a self-made Billionaire from Boston who craves control. He wants control but he is also a ….

selfish and sarcastic lover. Let just say he always get his.  Poor Skye, I was feeling her frustration.  Selfish AND secretive, once again not for me. 

This book is about him meeting Skye a photographer waiting for her big break to work for National Geographic.  Until that happens , she is the personal assistant to a Kardashian-like Influencer- Addison Ames. 

Yeah, while you scroll through your IG feed did you ever think Ms. Thing with 10 million followers had a personal photographer to take her pictures and get this- they hold their arm out to make it look as if they are taking a selfie !!!!!!

Maybe it just me, but I will never look at Instagram the same way again. Thank you Ms. Hardt for the Ted Read. (Did you get it?)

Anyways, I deviate back to Braden. Braden Black meets Skye and suddenly his mind is a muddle mess. He cannot conduct business. He is doing the MOST like “ dating” to keep Skye in his bed.

But wait a minute, Skye craves control too.  Now you have a collision of two people. Well, you know when two things rub together it creates smoke. So, Braden and Skye are smoking up the sheets like it is nobody’s bizzes.   There is a little bit of this and a whole lotta that.  And I learn the name of a certain object I see often in BDSM photos. Thank you, Ms. Hardt for helping me with my BDSM knowledge.  So, of course wherever there is smoke there is fire.  And the cauldron of flames is the limo.   Yeah, the damn limo was a game changer.  Now, we have a 4-star read.

Back to the plot.  Braden has a mysterious past filled with secrets.  Apparently, some people are aware of them.  While everyone refuses to share the details with Skye, she is left doubting her relationship with Braden.  Both friends and frenemies are cautioning her to stay away from Braden because he is trouble. 

Her: “ ….Braden Black is dangerous.”

Me: Oh, hell yeah, HE is – can I have two of him. 

Now let me explain when this book became a 5-star read. Ya’ll it did not have anything to do with SEX!  Yes, I forgave Ms. Hardt for every vulva and climax written.   Wowzah!!! Braden became THE MAN.  When you read what happens, please drop a line, and tell me what you think.  I learn another new word, but I do not want to dare spoil this for a new reader.   DM if you want to know the details.


Can we fast forward through Thanksgiving and Christmas?  I need Book Two now. Even though it is a cliffy Ms. Hardt does a great  job giving you a landing like butter without greasing the wheels.  

What I am trying to say: We still do not know the secret and that is a cliffhanger you can salivate over knowing something but still not knowing. Know what I am saying? 

Read Follow Me Darkly today.   A smart pace and well-crafted story await you and you can thank me later.  

Thank you, Entangled Publishing and Helen Hardt, for the gifted copy.  I knew when I saw this book cover it was meant for me to read and enjoy it.  READING WITH LOLA OUT! #readwithlola  #milehighkinkbookclub


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