REDESIGNING HAPPINESS by Nita Brooks @authornitab

I’m not going to lie. When I saw this cover at 2019 RWA, I honestly thought it was a coffee table book with pictures. Duh, now I know its not. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted to have it.
I say this for two reasons:
1. I will purchase a book based on the book cover alone.
2. Sometimes, I may or may not read the blurb.

Now, lets get to the real deal: THE REVIEW

Redesigning Happiness is a breathtaking story about first love, second chances, and seeking true happiness. Nita Brooks delivered a knockout debut story. My wine down reading in the evenings was well worth it. It’s a romance sparked with more plot punches (pun intended) to keep the reader saying …” wait a minute, what!”
Yvonne Cable is a single mom raising a 6-year-old precocious son name Jacob in Atlanta, Georgia. A successful interior designer, Yvonne Cable Design, creates perfection for her clients and want to expand her brand and become the most sought-after designer nationwide. Plus, she is engaged to Nathan Lange, a sexy home improvement television star.
Between Yvonne’s designs and Nathan’s sexy contractor image, they are destined to be media’s new power couple in home improvement (think HGTV) Now the one person who abandoned her, returns in her life and brings back memories of what might have been.

Richard Barrington III arrives in town with a life changing media contract. Not to mention, he is full of guilt about the way he ended his relationship with Yvonne. He is determined to set things right with her, but first he needs to gain her trust. And Nathan, the fiancée, is convinced he does not deserve. Yes, we have a love triangle people. But wait a minute, its an elegant love triangle (yes, there is a thing). I know what you were thinking. Good ahead and tell me. I’ll wait…

OK! As Yvonne and Richard navigate their parental roles between each other, their deepest desires become more and more impossible to deny what’s always been between them. Plus, Yvonne’s childhood sense of abandonment doesn’t help the situation.

The storytelling is smooth and riveting. The banter and dialogue with her mom and sister are on point. It made me feel like I was sitting at my mom’s kitchen table justifying my life choices over her objections.

“Sex! That’s exactly what she needed. …Sex of the hot, sweat-out-my-perm, can’t-breathe-or-sit-down, rock-my-world variety.”

This story made me feel like home. It was about a successful African American single woman living her best life. It was without cultural stereotypes. It did not have the clique ending I was expecting. As a matter of fact, the twists will make you say “Oh my gawd, really”

I have always wanted to read stories by authors who look like me creating characters you can plug any race or nationality into, and it would remain amazing and mainstream. My book besties and I are always talking about “can I get a Christian Grey or a Gideon Cross in a gorgeous African American character.” Nita Brooks gave me my tall, dark and handsome Gideon Cross in the body of Denzel Washington.
A wonderful cast of characters.
Sexy to die for Hero.
A fabulous treat for romance readers.
Do yourself a favor – read this book!

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Witty, sharply-observed, and warmly wise, Nita Brooks’ debut novel tells the heartfelt story of a suddenly successful single mother who finds her perfectly-designed, fame-bound life upended by a surprise from the past . . .

It wasn’t easy for Yvonne Cable to get over a heartbreaking relationship and revamp her life. But now the once-broke single mom is Atlanta’s most sought-after interior designer—and one-half of the media’s hottest power couple. She and her celebrity fiancé, Nathan, are a perfect, practical match, on—and off—camera. And with their new home improvement reality show the object of a fierce network bidding war, there’s no limit to how far they can go . . .


About the Author
A reading addict, self-professed connoisseur of home improvement shows, and a collector of teapots, Nita Brooks resides in South Carolina with her family. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter at @AuthorNitaB.


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