HERE HE IS! James Cavendish, billionaire dominant hotel mogul.

In case you didn’t know this my blog, Mile High KINK Book Club, was conceived from my love of Fifty Shades of Grey. There is something about sexy, clingy and co-dependent billionaires. I can’t get enough of them. Once I finished the series, I really wanted to move on to read other tropes. However, I just could not. It stuck with me like 4Ever

Thank goodness for Goodreads. I went on the prowl searching for books to read after 50 shades. Hell, there is even a support group for it. I stumble upon the Crossfire series with Gideon and Eva. And just when thought I wouldn’t cheat on my “Fifty” I fell in love with Gideon. And when you fall into his indulgence, you can’t help but come out smoking a cigarette and drinking whisky shots. Oh, thank you Ms. Sylvia Day. Gideon is mine. I’m just letting Eva borrow him for a while.
Now, we come to the reason why I am rambling on and on about my Billionaire Alpha Dominants. So, you caught me cheating on Christian with Gideon. I know what a bad girl I must be. Buy hey, two is always better than one. I like my odds in this beautiful life. However, a trifecta must be the Fort Knox.

In walks, Mr. Beautiful. Let me introduce you to Mr. James Cavendish. You see, I am a sassy stew that fly the friendly skies. Therefore, you can understand why my heart aches for this series. If I could afford my addiction for this series, I would put copies of this book in every seat back pocket on every plane. There is never a coworker who does not know about Mr. Beautiful and by the end of our trip, they have purchased book #1 – In Flight.
The author, R. K. Lilley, is my hero. The way she weaved the story was like a playbook of my life at work. It starts from the time I wake up at home, get dress, report for duty and drive back home 3 days later. I can relate to crew hotels, drinking as much as I can within 12 hours of duty, sshh don’t tell or gym workouts at the hotel and replacing shabby watches.


Mr Beautiful

What I can’t relate to is Mr. Beautiful. I love him, but its. so. not. my. life. But that’s what make him so special.  This dude has his own private jet and chooses to fly commercial between LAS – JFK in 2D. Wait a minute, he purchases both seats so no one sits next to him. He is like a lion waiting for his chance to get Bianca along for a minute. He wants her to stay at his penthouse when she overnights in New York City. Don’t worry, she want need her bags. Everthing is provided for her. He even takes care of her best friend Stephan. I don’t know about you but if you look out for my brother, its easy to say “Yes, sir Mr. Cavendish.”

James indulges every part of Bianca’s life. Anything she casual mentions around him, suddenly falls into her hands. For example, Stephan and she wanted to grocery shop. So, in James fashion, he tags along in his limo while they make their respective errands. And what does James do in the car while Bianca inside shopping? Paying for everything including Stephan’s purchases. That’s just one of the beautiful Cinderella moments. My favorite of favorites is the matching clothes. If Bianca chooses a turquoise shirt and tie for him, he chooses turquoise wedges (her favorite type of shoe) for her. He ensures all toiletries and cosmetics Bianca uses are available in every house he owns. But oohhhh can a girl dream. Or in this case, live through the eyes of Bianca. Hey, Bianca, if you ever need a new best friend while Stephan is busy doing whatever and who – call me …. I will work a red eye with you any day of the week. Just make sure James Cavendish is seating in 2D.

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So, when I think about my favorite Dominate Billionaire Book Boyfriends, Mr. James Cavendish must top my list. Come on, what did you expect. Of course, I won’t tell the others he’s my favorite. We can all hang out together and let each of them think they are Number #1. No harm. No foul.  To understand my madness about this book, now is a great time to start the series. The Only Carry on You Will Need Is Inflight, Mile High and Grounded.
When I say it’s a must read, it’s a must read. Once you finish the series, drop me a line and tell me if you think I am crazy to move him to the Number 1 spot. No matter what, I will always stand by man ~ Mr. Cavendish behind closed doors and between the sheets.


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