THE ANGEL by Tiffany Reisz

The Original Sinners Series | Book Two

BOOM! There was a seismic shift as I read the last page of The Angel. After reading The Siren I was not prepared for the sexual revolution of The Angel. I believe I am more prepared to continue this series and it will have all the earth shattering moments I want to experience. There are three temptations of sin you will encounter reading Book 2 in The Original Sinners series.
Father Soren, Griffin Fiske and Michael Dimir
The Lust of the Flesh is the temptation to do something to make the flesh feel pleasure and satisfied. Soren is a true sadist who likes to hurt people and loves Nora. He can only become aroused by inflicting pain and humiliation. Based on that philosophy alone, let me tell you: He reaalllllllllllllly loves Nora. And Nora wants his love.
I did not like Soren in The Siren. We only saw him through the eyes of everyone who feared him even Nora. Wes Riley, her intern , totally despised him and feared for Nora’s wellbeing. Since she left Soren, I assume I was supposed to not like him too.
It’s been over a year and Wes has return to Kentucky and Nora has return to her owner Soren. All I kept asking was why? There is a reason Wes Riley did not like him. All we knew was he beat and inflicted pain on Nora.
In the meantime, Father Marcus Stearns is on the short list to be the next bishop. A reporter, Suzanne Kanter, is investigating him for abuse allegations and have a major ax to grind. She believes there is a scandal and intends to uncover all the dirty details to expose Father Stearns.
While the investigation follows its course, Soren informed Nora she should leave town and keep a low profile until the promotion is announce and the investigation is complete. Nora retreats to her best friend Griffin Fiske’s estate for the summer. She will use this time to formally train Michael as a submissive.
The Lust of the Eyes is that temptation to look upon things we shouldn’t look upon. As Griffin welcomes Nora and her companion, he cast his lustful eyes upon Michael with much desire and pleasure. Soren warns Griffin not to touch Michael during their stay and forbids it. While Michael is in love with Nora and looking forward to his submissive-in-training summer, he finds himself thinking about Griffin. Yes, it’s going to be a long summer of unadulterated kinky sex among all three of them.

Soren is a simmering oxymoron — so eerily calm on the surface, but disturbing on the inside. As the investigation unfolds we get the history of traumatic moments in his childhood — a killing, a beating and abuse. Then other moments from when he and Nora are together and his unselfish love he has for her and the ultimate goodbye gift.
Every character is memorable but none as much as Michael and Griffin. Michael is a sweet natured and sadly hopeful character. Griffin is a hallucinatory good time. Like all the other men in Nora’s life, he once fell for the dominatrix’s charm too.

favorite quotes
• “If it’s an abomination, it’s because you’re doing it wrong. Bear down hard, then relax. It’ll fit better”
• “A good morning so far – she’d been fucked by her favorite man, hugged by her favorite boy and silently adored by her favorite angel.”
• “She had a priest for a lover and a nun for a mother. Between the two of them she had enough Catholic guilt to start her own religious order”

The Angel is Michael’s story. It’s an enjoyable and immoral tale. It’s lust, deception and betrayal. It’s funny, sexy and divinely dark. The beginning may make you cringe. I certainly did while reading. But it only motivated me to continue to see how shocking Ms. Reisz will take us.

Notable characters to remember:
• Father Marcus Stearns aka Father Soren
• Michael Dimir: Nora’s Angel and Griffin’s Mick
• Elizabeth Stearns: Soren’s older sister
• Suzanne Kanter: war correspondent reporter investigating Father Marcus
Stearns aka Father Soren for possible abuse.
• Adam: Suzanne’s brother


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