THE SAINT ( Book Five) by Tiffany Reisz | #bookreview #theoriginalsinners

THE SAINT is the story how Eleanor first met Soren and her life as a rebellious and precocious teenager. Its flawlessly paced and plotted. From the very first page, the reader is put under a magic spell.

Nora has escaped to the country to grieve, for who or what we don’t know at the beginning of the story.
Reisz creates dialogue like a siren (pun very muched intended). She weaves past and present with such precision. It’s not a flashback, rather its the memories Nora is sharing with Nico, Kinglsey’s estranged son. Nora is hanging out with Nico, Kingsley’s long lost son. She talks about her life when she first met Father Marcus aka Soren and his BFF Kingsley as a teenager. It blends Catholicism and Erotica like magic.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Eleanor, you joked about us breaking the table during sex. I don’t break furniture during sex. I break people.”

We learn about Soren’s messed up childhood, the origin of his nickname for Nora “Little One”. We learn about Nora’s relationship with her father. How Nora lost her virginity. Every mystery is brilliantly revealed. I didn’t think I could love another book more than The Siren or The Mistress – however The Saint is now at the Top Of My Sinner’s Leaderboard.

Mile High Kink Book Club HIGHLY RECOMMENDS THIS STORY FOR YOUR CARRYON! Read It Once, Read It Twice…Then Read It Again, Sam


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