#Bookreview | The Siren by Tiffany Reisz ( Book 1)

Return to the book that started it all—the sophisticated, edgy and devastatingly sexy beginning to Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series…THE SIREN….Buy today for 99cents

This story will pull you into a vortex of pleasure and more pleasure.  Forget about life and having a stressful day.  There is no better way to chillax than reading The Siren.   One thing for sure: ‘snapping fingers next to my ear” will not be such an innocent thing again. With an irresistible plot and naughty BDSM scenes, its guaranteed to push your buttons and quicken your pulse. 

Nora Sutherlin is an erotic romance author by night and a dominatrix by day. And nope I don’t have it backwards. She is The Dominatrix! However, she wants a contract from Royal House Publishing so she can quit her day job. She hopes she doesn’t have to take any jobs while working with Zach because she really doesn’t want him to know who she really is. Not only does she write about the lifestyle, she lives it and she is the best at it. 

Royal House Publishing has sent her their best editor – Zachary Easton. He has 6 weeks to get her manuscript perfect before he leaves for the LA offices. However, Zach does not want to relate to the task of turning around a manuscript for a “smut writer”. He believes its beneath him to be working with Nora Sutherlin. Sure, she has some best sellers however it’s just pornography to him and he is a literary scholar. 

Nora has a mysterious past and an interesting personal life. She has a 19-year-old “intern” living with her who happens to be in love with her. She has left her complicated past with Soren, her former owner and lover. Zach says its best about Soren: 


“Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven.” Somehow, Zach realized, 

Nora’s priest had found a way to do both.” 

 However, with all this complication Nora finds herself attracted to Zach. She wants him and Zach is trying to keep their relationship strictly professional. Then she introduces him to the 8th Circle. And when you enter her world step aside because this is the Kingdom of Mistress NoraThree people rule this this den of iniquity and wickedness. Zach is suddenly appalled at what he’s learn about Nora. 


“I can’t believe the first woman I allow near me since Grace…” Zach paused and shook his head in disgust. “I thought you were a writer.” 
“I am a writer,” she said, more hurt and angry than she’d been in years. “You know that better than anyone.” 
“You have sex -“ 
“I only fuck the women,” she admitted. “The men I just beat the shit out of.” 
“For money,” Zach said. 
“No, Zach. Not for money,” she said and stood toe to toe with him. “For a lot of fucking money,” she said, biting down on every word. “You get your paycheck in an envelope. I get mine in a fucking briefcase.” 


Mistress Nora makes an appearance and suddenly I find myself with perfect posture. She will command your attention. She will demand your obedience. Even through the pages of the book, she weaves her riding crop as a weapon to be obeyed by the reader. You will find yourself sitting up straight or standing taller as your read. Cut to the next scene as “just Nora” your shoulders and back will start to slouch forward once again. That is how you will read this book and the next one and the next one  Fully erect and at attention! Pun very much intended!!!!  

Buy The Book  It’s 99cents for a limited time



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