DIRTY TALKING COWBOY is pure cowboy magic | Stacey Kennedy

Dirty Talking Cowboy Cover
DIRTY TALKING COWBOY is pure cowboy magic!!!  Stacey Kennedy has unleased a sexy new series Kinky Spurs and I am here to confirmed:

Rope ’em ladies and Shep Blackshaw can be yours too.

Emma and Shep knows how to keep things smokin’. Together, they are super hot, steamy and dreamy.

Save A Horse. Ride A Cowboy.

Kennedy created the perfect storyline to make this sexy quote true. Emma and Shep’s care of abused animals is the main reason why I love this story so much. She gave us heart-warming in the midst of an erotic love story.   It’s a great balance between sexy and emotional. It will capture your attention, heart and keep you rooting for their love and his family.

Advanced Copy gifted via netgalley & SMP Romance 

More about Dirty Talking Cowboy:
Emma Monroe has returned to River Rock, Colorado, after the death of her grandmother. Now she’s inherited a farm full of abused animals and she’s working as a waitress at the local hotspot, Kinky Spurs. The last thing Emma wants in her life is a man, as she’s still recovering from a recent heartbreak. But when a sensual and powerful cowboy, Shep Blackshaw enters her life, Emma begins to want things she shouldn’t.

Shep knows sex shouldn’t be on his mind. He’s got a world of responsibility on his shoulders. He’s attempting to save his late father’s cattle ranch, Blackshaw Cattle Company, from foreclosure. But Emma’s heated reactions to his touch make ignoring her impossible. She’s the perfect distraction to make him forget that his father’s company is a sinking ship.

While their nights only heat up, soon emotions become tangled into the mix. Shep’s not only giving Emma the hottest nights of her life, he’s also healing her heart. With every encounter, she forgets her heartbreak. With every naughty adventure, she stops mourning the life she left behind. And with every dirty word whispered from Shep’s mouth, she stops thinking of all the reasons why she shouldn’t fall for him. But when the past comes to claim Emma, she’ll need to choose between the life she thought she wanted and the life she’s grown to love with Shep. How will she say no to forever with a dirty-talking cowboy.

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Sweet Jesus, the cowboy could kiss.
Emma trembled against his mouth while Shep gently laid her out on the mattress. This man had an intensity she didn’t know how to handle. Only when he had her panting did Shep lean away. Those captivating eyes of his promising pleasure helped her know one thing for certain.
She wanted sex. Hot sex. Dirty sex. With this guy.
His mouth met hers again, and she moaned, her eyelids fluttering. Dear Lord, how amazing he felt as his lips danced across hers, while the length of his tall, muscular body pressed against her, pushing her back down into the mattress. His big, strong hands gripped the strands of her hair, holding tight, pinning her right where he wanted her. Beneath him.
He took control, and under his strength, she became drenched, flushing her body with unnatural heat. Needing more of whatever he had to offer her, she lifted her hips, pressing her slick heat against his leg until her clit rubbed against him perfectly. The low guttural moan he gave urged her on. She squirmed again, arching into the hard lines of his body blanketing her, fueled by the sensations flooding her.
His low and deep chuckle tickled across her as he rose on his hands, staring down at her. She reached for his face, cupping his cheeks, amazed she had met a man like Shep. There was confidence in his eyes that she was jealous of. He held a sureness about himself that anyone would envy. But it was the passion in their potent depths that caught her attention most. He lifted a single eyebrow and asked, “Can’t stay still, darlin’?”
“I want you. Stop waiting.” Her voice sounded distant and soft. She glanced down at her totally bare skin, blinking in confusion. She looked at his chest, finding him fully clothed. “Why am I naked and you’re not?”
“You keep taking your clothes off.” He frowned.
She ran her hands across his five o’clock shadow, her palm scraping against the scruff on his chiseled face. She couldn’t stop staring at his sculpted mouth, the way the side curved ever so slightly. As if he knew all her secrets. “That’s because I want you.”
He dropped his head, bringing his mouth so close to hers. “I know exactly what you want, sweetheart, and that’s losing your goddamn mind beneath my hands.” He lowered his head to her neck again and sucked, licked, and nibbled his way across her flesh, causing her heart to race. She moaned when he pushed against her thighs and widened her legs.
Over and over again, he circled his hips, pressing his erection against her bundle of nerves, curling her toes. She gasped against the intensity of all that man grinding against her, her chin lifting to the ceiling. He pressed his erection against her sex harder, teasing her with what she could have.
She wiggled again.
“I want you to be still, Emma.” He dragged a piece of rope across her arm. “So that I can fuck you good and properly.”
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Between his heated kisses, he’d expertly bound her wrists with rope cuffs and then tied her tightly to headboard.
“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” he asked, his tongue sliding across her neck, slowly and teasingly, taking his time to savor every moment.
“Yes. Please.” Even with her dubious track record, she couldn’t help liking her men naughty and adventurous, and everything about Shep screamed that.
She shivered when he swirled his tongue over the curve of her earlobe and murmured in her ear, “You can’t run. You can’t squirm. You’re all mine to taste … to tease.” He tugged on the rope again, letting her feel how trapped she was beneath him.
She wasn’t afraid, not a shred of worry in her mind.
He raised up again, hovering over her. Something changed in his eyes then. They became more powerful, controlled even. Like he reined in all his wicked thoughts and formed a plan for the night ahead. She burned with anticipation, watching the magnificent man open his worn jeans. He shoved them down to his knees, freeing his hard cock that was the size she’d imagined, just the right length and perfectly thick.
With his pants off now and nothing between them, the air became charged with energy. His warm, hard body closed against her soft planes, and her skin flushed red-hot. He pressed a hand against her hip, pinning her down again, beneath him, exactly where she wanted to be. Those powerful eyes watched her intently as he began brushing his erection against her clit. He was relentless in his teasing, until she began to quiver with need. Until she couldn’t take anymore.
“Please. I want you so bad.” She struggled against the bindings and the weight of his body. “I need you so much.”
“You need this.” He slid his erection back and forth over her throbbing clit.
“Yes,” she breathed. “I need more.”
“Ah, I see,” he whispered across her lips, lifting his hips and pressing the tip of his cock inside her. “Is this what you want, Emma? My cock driving inside you?”
“Yes!” She’d beg if that’s what he wanted, if only he’d keep touching her in the way he had. Passion seeped from his touches, and when she looked into the depths of his eyes, the promise there consumed her.
“Tell me that you want me.”
It was an order.
One she’d happily oblige.
“I want you, inside me,” she breathed.
Her eyes widened, breath caught in her throat, when he pushed through her slick heat, right to the hilt, as if all he’d been waiting for was her permission. She couldn’t hold back the moans pouring from her mouth. He filled her perfectly, moving so very deep inside her, working her body like it belonged to him.
He stared at her intently, his fingers grazing the rope around her wrists, while he shifted his hips in a steady rhythm, his hard flesh stroking her soft, wet skin. Energy sizzled around her and she lost herself in his touch. There was something about this guy that tempted her with unfamiliar sensations. It seemed like if she let him in and lowered all her guards, he’d show her the world in a way she’d never seen it.
With each pound of his hips, he brought her higher. The burn on her wrists. The pressure of his body. The passion in his eyes. It all became too much, so much to absorb. She fought against closing her eyes and lost sight of those unique silvery-blue beauties, as blackness began to fill her vision.
Skin slapped against skin. The sensual brush of his low grunts spilled over her.
Until he spoke again. “That’s it, Emma, come back to me.”
His voice sounded far away now, not hovering over her, but off in the distance. His strong body was no longer resting against her, and coldness sank deep into her bones. “What …” Her throat was dry, scratchy.
“This may hurt a little,” another voice said.
A sudden prick on her hand had her gasping, eyes flying open. Instantly, she was blinded by the bright lights above her. She blinked, again and again, until she saw Shep’s silvery-blue eyes. He wore the same dark-brown cowboy hat that she remembered he’d had on earlier at the bar, but his clothes were different. He’d been in a plaid button-down. Now she found him in a black T-shirt. No bound wrists. No dirty talk. No warm, defined muscles beneath creamy flesh. She blinked twice more. “Where am I?” she croaked.
Shep’s eyebrows were drawn over concerned eyes. He rested his hand on her forehead, and he felt so cold, his eyes looked so cold. This wasn’t the man she’d known a second ago. “Don’t worry,” he said softly. “You’re all right. We’re on the way to the hospital.”
“I’m going to give you something for the pain,” the other voice said again from somewhere next to her.
She attempted to lift her head, but a harsh throb sent her head straight back down onto the pillow, where she stared up at a bag of IV fluid. “What’s going on?”
“Be still, darlin’.” Shep pressed harder against her forehead, pinning her in the same way he’d pinned her to the mattress. “I know this is confusing. But you’re fine. I found you in a field being dragged by a horse this morning.”
“A horse … dragged …” She turned her head and glanced at her wrists, longing for the rope she swore she could still feel. Red burns marked her skin. When she looked at Shep again, she mourned for the way he stared at her, intently and passionately. “I —”
“Shh …” His voice became a low, comforting rumble. “Rest easy now, Emma.”
Blackness began to creep into her vision again and the world turned a little fuzzy. She shut her eyes against the pain hammering in her head, and that’s when she heard the ambulance sirens blasting through the air. Slowly, the missing pieces began to come back to her. She rejected Shep twice last night. Once at the bar, and again after their little show on stage. And apparently now, she wasn’t having the best sex of her life with a dirty-talking cowboy, she had head trauma.

Sweet-Loving Cowboy: A Kinky Spurs Novel ( Chase & Harper’s Story ) releases October 9, 2018

Harper McKinney finished culinary school with big dreams. Right now, she’s a bartender at Kinky Spurs. While she’s content with her life, her brother is determined that she make a name for herself, because he wants her far away from what he deems a trashy bar. But Harper refuses to go anywhere. She’s in love with her brother’s best friend, Chase Blackshaw, and that love is keeping her in River Rock.
After the death of Chase’s father, he’s the one responsible for running the construction of the Blackshaw Cattle Company’s guest ranch. Back in the day, he had dreams of opening a construction company, but lack of finances kept him working for the family’s cattle ranch. Now with the responsibility of his family’s guest ranch on his shoulders those dreams seem far away. Though he has bigger problems. His build is failing the inspections.
Now Chase has more trouble on his hands. Harper, the woman he’s forbidden to ever touch has decided to move to Las Vegas. She isn’t so little anymore, and Chase is finding her all too tempting. She’s also not shy about what she wants. Him. Naked. And giving her some sweet lovin’ in all the kinky ways he craves. But neither Chase nor Harper can anticipate the fate that awaits them if they dare give in to their desires, as Chase soon learns there is something far worse than not being able to live out his dreams. It’s being given the chance to live out his dreams but having to watch Harper lose hers.

Hard-Riding Cowboy: A Kinky Spurs Novel ( Nash and Megan’s Story ) releases February 5, 2019

Megan Harrison is the owner of Kinky Spurs. She’s mortgaged up to her eyeballs and works long days and nights, but she’s living life on her terms, not on her wealthy father’s. She’s done being in the cattle rancher’s shadow. She’s got it all figured out, except for the part that involves Nash Blackshaw. He’s a sexy as hell cowboy whose smile can easily charm her out of her tight jeans. The only problem is—their fathers were business rivals, and Megan and Nash have been taught to hate each other since birth.
Nash Blackshaw, a retired professional bull rider, has responsibilities on top of responsibilities. With his PBR career over due to back injury, and his focus narrowed on heading up the Blackshaw Cattle Company’s Guest Ranch, he shouldn’t have time to think about all the ways he wants Megan. But it’s all he thinks of around the sassy and sweet woman. She might be forbidden to him, but Nash wants to take her for a hard, kinky ride.
But small towns have a way of spreading gossip like wildfire, and not everyone is happy about their relationship. Especially when Megan drops a bombshell on Nash after one heated night between them. As much as Megan and Nash want to forget the old feud between their fathers and lose each other in explosive passion, they can’t escape reality. They are meant to be enemies, and Nash’s sizzling, dominant touch might not be enough to keep them together.


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