Do roadies really help rock stars get laid?
How many women do rock stars really sleep with? Just a few things to make you go hmmmm. I am a huge Supernatural fan. In Season 9, Ep 10 Sam meets Thaddeus, a fallen angel, after his concert who states:

“why be an angel …when you can be a god”

It’s all about the lifestyle…sex, drugs and rock n roll. And if you loved to party it becomes a religion you worship. Spending 80% of your time on the road in a different city every other day, nights you will never remember…gives new meaning to the Ludacris song “Area Codes”
And if you are a superstar selling out stadiums on every continent, the expensive clothes, toys, and accommodations will make you want to sell your soul. Dude?! who wouldn’t? Where do I sign up? Even I may give a side eye and say, “let me think about it!”

And the groupies, oh the groupies – it’s my favorite part of rock star romance angst. If you don’t have groupie love drama, I will pass. On to the next one. The random women at parties, the combo of alcohol and maybe drugs, its very easy to get any girl you want in bed, in the bathroom, against the wall near the water fountain, back at the tour bus, etc. you get the picture. Whatever. Whenever. Wherever. Whomever. Just another day.

For those who can’t- teach. In my case: read. Yep, my days of wanting to date a Rockstar has passed. So, escapism is the next best thing. And I’m serving up some hot AF stories in the genre.

TOP Series/Book/Author: OLIVIA CUNNING. Her Sinners Tour series is the hottest and my standard to judge every book. With over 5 books, she included a little of everything in this series: May/December Romance, Bisexuality, Erectile Dysfunction and Sadism. All wrapped into 5 hot rocker books to invent great Rockstar sex. Sinners On Tour series

Writing music lyrics on your lover while having sex on the hotel dining table and your bandmates listening from the other room? Got you covered. But let me stop here because I can talk for days about this series.

Top Surprising Series/Book/Author: Eden Summers
Blind Attraction was fantastic. The girl next door. I’m not impressed. I’m  here because my BFF made me come. Another favorite trope in the Rockstar romance genre. Even though I read this book in 2013, one sex scene still sticks out in my mind. I drop the kindle and called my bestie to tell her “Girl, this sex scene is off the chain. Let me tell you what happens.” Hint: “Come on. Just a touch. Or a taste. You’ve gotta give me something.” Says Blake to his bandmate Mitchell while in bed with Alana. #RecklessBeat

The Legend of Arturo King by L.B. Dunbar: If The Legend of King Arthur was a rock group. This is my personal tag of “a smart woman’s romance”. Reading this series had me researching King Arthur and the Round Table . Who ever said you couldn’t learn anything from reading a romance novel – they lied. #LegendaryRockStars
Lead Singer: Arturo King
The Band: The Nights
The Club: The Round Table
The Mentor: Mure Linn
The Love Interest: Guinevere DeGrance
Lead Guitarist: Lansing Lotte
Drummer: Perkins Vale
Bass Guitarist: Tristan Lyons

Need I say more? I dare you to not pick up the cliffnotes version to refresh your high school lit days.

Honorable Mentions:

Beneath The Burn by Pam Godwin: my next rockstar read.  I just discovered the joys of this author with her forbidden student/teacher romance Dark Notes.   Now I’m anxious to find out what she does with my rockstar fix.

Play by Kylie Scott: pretending to be rocker’s girlfriend

Sweet Ache by K. Bromberg: Rocker trumps racer is this delicious Rockstar romance. Hold on Colton, there is a new man in town and he wants your sister!


Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens: best series I have yet to read.

The FireNine Series by Shanora Williams: Shout out to my neighbor before I knew she lived in the same city I do. Gage Grendel and Eliza stole my heart.

Want some more? https://bit.ly/2wMr1k4
What are your favorite novels with great Rockstars? What are your go to tropes? Reply to us on twitter and let us know your favs. Rock on Dudes! #thekinkreport


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