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TOTAL EXPOSURE  | (Jordan’s Game #1)
STANDALONE  Romantic Suspense
By JA Huss
Publishing Date:  January 16, 2018
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-944475-34-5
PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-944475-35-2

Not Everyone Needs A Master.
Not everyone needs to really live, either.
Some people are content to be a participant in the game of life. Others want to play for real.
If you want to play for real, come to me, lovely. I’ll give you that little push you need.
I’ll open your mind, and your world, and soul. Lay you bare. Let you feel the heat of my stare. Take you places you’ve never been before.
Your body is my chessboard, sweets.
And if you give in to me, and you play, you might even win.
It’s just… your prize might not be what you went looking for.

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It’s the watching that turns me on. My own personal voyeur.
His own personal entertainment.
We’re both pretty sick.
I breathe deeply. Panting to keep my body from doing the unthinkable. I cannot come like this. I cannot, I cannot…
The intercom crackles once more, reminding me there’s more to do if I want my reward.
So I turn towards the bed, placing my hands and knees on the soft, down comforter, and crawl to the headboard. One hand searches under the pillow, finds a slip of silk, and pulls it out.
A man’s necktie. Black.
My blindfold.
I place it over my eyes, tying it tightly in the back, and feel an immediate relief.
I can’t see anything now.
I can pretend now.
The song of birds pipes through some speaker. Not the intercom, because there’s no crackle. The music is soft, and sweet, and reminds me of warm sunny days as I lie back on the bed, my legs straight. My arms at my side. And I wait.
Because he’s coming now and this is the signal that I’ve given him permission to do whatever he wants.
Only moments later I hear footsteps coming up the stairs just outside the open doors.
I take several shallow breaths, trying to calm myself down, but it doesn’t work. My heart is playing its own song now. A combination of quick and hard. A symphony of dark and light. Here and there. Quick, then slow, then quick, quick, quick as he enters the room and lets out a breath that I imagine is… satisfaction.
“Shhhh,” he corrects me.
The mattress dips with his weight. His leg, or hip, or back touches my bare leg, sending an uncontrollable shiver up my whole body. My nipples, already peaked and ready, find another level of arousal when his fingertips brush lightly across one.
I respond with a pool of hot wetness between my legs and I know it’s impossible, but I feel that feeling again. The one where I think I might come. Like I’m so close and if—
“Shhhh,” he says again, his gentle caress turning into a firm squeeze of my breast to pull me back from the edge.
I’m cold, but I don’t care. So cold I begin to shiver. But he continues with the tease, his fingertips brushing back and forth across my nipple, almost flicking it, but not quite. Not hard, so soft. Too soft. So that the feeling begins to build again and I have to gulp air.
He takes one of my hands, his body turning on the bed so he can continue what he’s doing to my breast with his other hand, and he places it between his legs. Pressing my hand up against his jeans so I can feel his hard cock. He makes me rub him. Slowly, the way he’s caressing me. Back and forth as his dick grows with my insatiable desire.
His breathing is heavy now too. And I want to scream at him. Tell him to do more. Touch me everywhere. Be fast. Fuck me hard and—
“Shhhh,” he says, but this time it’s got an edge to it. Like he’s driving himself as wild as he’s driving me.
He presses my hand into his cock and I can’t stand it anymore. I squeeze him through the soft fabric of his jeans. He moans and I swear, I will just come all on my own if he—
His fingertips stop the tease at my nipple and trace a light, soft trail down to my ribs. I suck in air and scissor my legs, pressing the folds of my pussy together, searching for the sweet spot that will put me out of my misery. But his other hand is there, hard, as he pushes down on my thigh, telling me in no uncertain terms that I need to be still.
Lie still, was his last command.
And I want to obey right now. Because if he gets up and walks out—
His hand presses on my inner thigh, spreading me open.
God, yes. This is what I want. Put your mouth there, I want to scream. Put your fingers inside me. Lick me until I explode.
He leans down, his hot breath skimming across the skin of my stomach, and he kisses my belly.
Breathing is difficult for both of us now.
My chest is heaving. Up and down as I take air in and out.
I squeeze his cock as my other hand slips over my thigh and right between my legs. It bumps into his hand and I grab for it, greedily, and place him where he needs to be.
His fingers slide inside, instantly becoming slick and wet. I make him pump, in and out, and then he slips another one inside me. Then another, stretching my pussy open as he presses his face into my stomach, licking his way down until his mouth clamps around my clit and sucks.


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