The Elite Kings Rule Prep

Wow this book blew my mind! If you are seeking a highly suspenseful, provocative thriller to sink your teeth into and savor until the last chilling page, don’t miss The Silver Swan.

To the outside world, Madison seems to have everything: money, hot cars and a hot new stepbrother, Nate. But as Madison prepares for a new school in a new town – The Hamptons, her new life at Riverside Prep takes an unexpected twist.

The halls are plagued with sociopathic socialites who rule the school known as The Elite Kings. They are a pack of 10 misfits. They are more like a secret cult society and who knows the true reason behind their existence. The leader of the pack is Bishop Vincent Hayes.

He’s dark, mysterious, deplorable and shameless. He loves taking people beyond their limits. He is determined to break the new girl – Madison and protect her at the same time. Their love\hate relationship is both dark and intense. The author pushed the envelope in many aspects, however some scenes left me wanting more depraved and lewd acts, especially during the camping trip. The story is centered around high school teenagers and it may be the reason behind the lack of provocative scenes.

I thought I was reading a story about incest and I’m still not sure. However, there is a nameless book in the story that may have a connection to Madison so play close attention to the pages of the book. I wanted Madison to be more of a kick ass heroine especially since she loves exercising her 2nd amendment right. Maybe in book #2, she will rise as the vengeful force I want her to become. For now, she is mainly the prey in a den of lions ready to pounce at any given time.

In closing, I love the blending of adult themes with teenage story lines. Even as spoiled characters, the author manages to provide a back story to make them somewhat sympathetic. The pace and the plotting are very crafty with a story within a story.

This story grabs your attention from the beginning and will keep you reading into the late am hours. It’s an excellent start to a new series with a fitting but unexpected cliffhanger. It will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering “OMG, what does  it mean?”

If you are late to the party like I am, you will be excited to read book two which is available now: The Broken Puppet

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