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Indulgence .99 Sale Blast

Check out all the 99¢ Indulgences!

Our days lately are filled with tough choices, long hours, and exhausting headlines.  Indulgence romance delivers the modern day fairy tales that readers are looking to escape with.

March 10 – March 16

Pick up over 200 romances on sale or only 99¢ each!

Check out all the available sale books here.
Here are just a few of the books available for a steal…

Latest Indulgences


The Firstborn Prince by Virginia Nelson
The Billionaire’s Reluctant Fiancée by Jenna Bayley-Burke
A Baby for the Billionaire by Victoria Davies
The Penthouse Pact by Cathryn Fox

Love a fake relationship romances?



A Millionaire at Midnight by Naima Simone
The Engagement Game by Jenny Holiday

Love accidental baby romances?


The Baby Project by Miranda Liasson
The Millionaire’s Unexpected Proposal by Jane Peden

Love friends to lovers romances?


The CEO’s Seduction by Diane Alberts
A Limited Engagement by Bethany Michaels

Or checkout these forbidden love romances


The Spaniard’s Kiss by Nina Croft
Seducing the Colonel’s Daughter by Amy Andrews

The Prince’s Runaway Lover by Robin Covington

Check out all the 99¢ Indulgences!

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