ICYMI: PEEP SHOW book review | Isabella Starling (@authorstarling)

Peep Show | Author Isabella Starling  |  Genre: Romantic Suspense/Dark Romance
Release Date: January 25, 2018

What?! OMG...Just take a look at this cover. Isn’t it delicious! I mean the book cover sold me. There was no need to read the blurb. My apologies Ms Starling. It’s your fault you threw me off my game. But lets put a pin in it for a moment and come back to this later.
Peep Show is one of “those” books. You know the kind where it’s 2am and your alarm is set Peep Bhow Book Review | The Kink Report to go off at 6am. You are reading “just one more chapter” and the next thing you know, you tap left and its the damn Epilogue.
Peep Show is about BeBe and her naughty neighbor across the street,  Miles Reilly. Its a shocking story driven with cruel addictions and naughty sexual pleasures guaranteed to blow your panties off.
For me, a true test of a book is how it will shock you and make you understand it not just a romance story with  the same trope and the same plot.  Every once in a while you get something unique, emotional draining, blending eroticism with dark depth. The writing style and the execution of the dual narrative is powerful and on point.
Starling created an exceptional romance with honesty and sensitivity. Its heart wrenching with themes of friendship, love and mental health.  This book will absorb you and remain with you for months to come.  A Highly Recommended read.
Now, lets get back to this book cover. Please to all the gods of readers of reviews – tell me how you view this cover after you read this book. Please, I beg you to share your thoughts.
That is all….. or is it? *wink*


US: http://amzn.to/2rWlKnO
UK: http://amzn.to/2F5J5VV
CA: http://amzn.to/2G9CMlw
AU: http://amzn.to/2DzHoDS

Free in Kindle Unlimited

She’s stripping.
I’m watching.
She’s playing.
I’m watching.
She’s mine, I’m coming…

Bebe Hall is a heartbreaker. She’s the it girl of the moment, a partygirl
nobody can stop in her path of self destruction. Bebe Hall isn’t the star of
her own story.
She’s the star of mine.
My name is Miles O’Reilly. I’m a photographer. An agoraphobic. A millionaire. A
womanizer. I’m confined to my apartment. I don’t leave. Ever.
But when she sees me with my latest online conquest in the window of my
apartment, my attention shifts to Bebe.
And once I see something I want, I don’t give up until it’s mine.

Peep Show is a 90,000 word novel with themes of voyeurism and dark scenes
that may be upsetting to readers. If you are brave enough, come meet Miles.
He’s been waiting for you.


 Author Bio


Dark, dirty and taboo is what Isabella Starling is known for. 
An Amazon top 25 bestselling Author, Isabella has 10 books under her belt in under a year. She is a self-proclaimed Tumblr gif addict and always looking for her next
forbidden story. 
If you pick up a Starling book, you can count on a bad-mouthed, bossy man who will dominate his woman with a rough hand.  Add just a sprinkle of taboo, a touch of BDSM and a pinch of suspense, and you’re all set for a story you won’t forget.
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