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Deep Control by Annabel Joseph
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Deep control kindle cover

Not all fantasies are safe, sane, and consensual. Welcome to the world of The Gallery…

Devin’s a pilot and playboy, as well as a Gallery Dominant known for his sadistic desires. Ella is a famed physicist whose quiet intelligence masks a depraved longing for pain. When the two connect in a foreign dungeon, neither knows that one of them will soon save the other’s life.

From such dramatic beginnings, a mutual friendship grows, along with a daring D/s relationship. Is their play merely sensual, or do their feelings run deeper? Within the opulent walls of The Gallery, Devin and Ella explore ever-expanding limits and test the boundaries of trust…

Who knew an orgy could lead to love? Deep Control is the second book of the Dominant Series. This is a blazing hot story between an astrophysicist and the pilot who captures her heart. It’s a must read for readers of BDSM romance. It’s my first by the author and I am currently bingeing on the first book, Dark Dominance.
It’s a standalone romance with D/s characters attending The Gallery, an uber-BDSM sex club where no safe words are allowed. It sounds scary right? Don’t worry, you will fully enjoy this one. However, don’t be surprise when you left drooling for more and one-click the first book.
A playboy pilot and astrophysicist walks into a bar……just kidding it didn’t take place exactly like that but you get the unusual coupling. A D/s relationship between Captain Devin Kincaid and Dr. Ella Novatny was fresh, exciting and powerful. They are characters you will completely fall in love with.
Ella has many fears in life including flying and falling in love. She only lives for her work and indulges in her pain kink. Devin is the playboy pilot who purpose it would seem is to visit the best dungeons and sex clubs around the world. When he discovers Ella and finds her threshold for pain matches his desire to inflict it, they become the perfect match.
The twist and turns in their relationship keeps the emotional pitch of the story zipping from 100 to 180. Oh and the sex scenes. I always want my BDSM with sizzle and sense of realness. Deep Control is so hot, you will need ice to cool yourself while reading.
If kinky and taboo sex is not your thing, please don’t attend the gallery. It’s downright delicious and deviant. I absolutely loved this book. It was shocking, intense, fast paces and filled with humor. The sex scenes are guaranteed to create a fiery burn where it counts (wink).

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He shook his head and walked away, going for his clothes, dressing for a flight he’d take later, a flight I wouldn’t be on. He must understand that. I could never get on another plane, or a boat, or anything that would take me over the vast, unforgiving ocean that lapped this island’s shore.

Tears welled in my eyes as I stepped into my panties and then pulled a pair of jeans over my sore butt. I rummaged for a fresh t-shirt, and came up with one that said Astrophysicists Do It With Large Objects, a going-away gift from my Via Sofferenza friends. I shoved that back under the pile and chose a plain, faded blue one.

“Do you mind going to your own room now?” I said. “I need to do some work.”

“Yes, I fucking mind.”

His sharp reply took me aback. “Are you angry with me?”

“Angry? No. Confused. A little annoyed with the way you run hot and cold.” He glanced down at his shirt, also a faded blue tee. We looked like twins. He snorted and poked the air between us. “We’ve had sex twice now. I’ve fucked every one of your holes, twice without protection. I saved your life, and you don’t trust me?”

“I trust you. I don’t trust airplanes!”

“I’m telling you, they’re safe. Air travel is the safest form of transportation, safer even than walking. What happened yesterday was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

“Why does this matter so much to you?” I raised my voice, cutting him off. “If you want to get on a plane and fly to New York, then do it. That’s fine, I won’t stop you, but I’m not going. I’m staying here.”

Even as I said it, I knew I sounded ridiculous. I couldn’t stay in the Azores forever, only because I was afraid to fly.

“You’re going with me,” he said, yelling across the gap between us. After all we’d done together, all the ways he’d groped me, we couldn’t seem to touch each other in our matching shirts. “I said I’d get you to New York, and I’m going to get you to New York.”

“You don’t need to get me to New York,” I said. “I’m thirty years old. I have a doctorate in astrophysics and cosmology. I’m a grown-up person and I’ll be fine.”

“Grown-up people fly on airplanes,” he snapped.

I took a step back, trying to understand why he made me feel so harried, so scattered. It wasn’t only my fear of flying, and that he was a pilot. It was fear of him, fear of his skill at taking over my body. As we stood there, glaring at each other, I imagined gravitational waves crashing between us, red and angry and jagged. I could lose myself in him, in this man whose career was based on my deepest phobia…


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About Annabel:

Annabel Joseph is a NYT and USA Today Bestselling BDSM romance author. She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she’s been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras. She is known for writing emotionally intense BDSM storylines, and strives to create characters that seem real—even flawed—so readers are better able to relate to them. Annabel also writes non-BDSM romance under the pen name Molly Joseph.

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