6 Of The Best Sex Toys Delivered With Amazon Prime

On the blog we have a 6 Kink Rating known as a One Hand Read. Since October is also KINK Month, we have a naughty treat for 2017 Halloween. While Amazon may ban a book for its content, they will certainly deliver some naughty treats to your door.  Forget the unmarked packaging sales pitch. We all know what those little brown boxes mean.  Yes, we are talking about Sex Toys this month. And we have a selection you can received in two days with free shipping. So let the fun begin. Check them out below:

  • Obviously this device was meant to be a handheld body massager but somehow, somewhere down the line, someone found a better use for a little stimulation down south. If you are newbie, this would be a great start. It’s powerful and portable.


  • When flying you’re allowed one carry-on and one personal item. What’s in your carry-on other than a good book ? ( shameless tagline plug, I know!). Well TSA is kind of a sneaky bitch to handle with a straight face with your tried and true babies. However there’s an app for that! What if your sex toy looks like lipstick and mimics oral sex?  Oh my word!!! Check it out

  • Okay, I am a romance book blogger after all. And what good would I be if I didn’t include some reference to what started my crazy: Fifty Shades of Grey.  You may have the books, the wine, or even the Blu-ray, but do you have the sex toys? What? Why not? Oh you didnt know they existed?  This is why I am here to spread the good  news. Check out all things “kinky fuckery” below.  It’s not eligible for Prime but who cares at this point.  Grab this baby and let us know if you like it as much as the books.

  • This baby has been around every since I discovered the Joys of Sex. It’s the one we all gravitate to when we visit those shops we don’t speak of. An oldie but goodie for sure.

  • Are you seeking some wireless stimulation from your partner from across the room (within 30 feet of course)? This baby comes with a USB charging cord. Oh what fun you can have and make any dull party magical instead. Excuse me why I go and refresh my Screaming Orgasm at the bar please!!!

  • A little something for the guys! I don’t want to leave out some pleasure toys for the men and couples. Use this toy with your partner and set if off together with a trifecta stimulator.  Oh my!!!!  I may not leave the bed or the house the next morning. Good thing I have a good book to help me with this problem.  *wink*


Read One-Handed

Now you are ready for a flight to Pleasure Town with a stopover in Orgasm City. We hope you enjoy!   Please note: While Mile High KINK Book Club selects all products to feature, the links above are from affiliate partners. If you buy something we get a piece of the pleasure proceeds. Thanks for shopping with us.

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