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Source: The Oxford University Press

60 minutes in an hour x 24 hours = 1, 440 minutes.
1, 440 minutes in a day x 365 days of the year = 525,600 minutes in a year.
However, it only comes down to 71 minutes on Sunday, August 20, 2017.

The penultimate Season 7 is down to its penultimate episode 6.  In case you have been on another planet like Mars with a front row seat waiting on the solar eclipse that may or may not happen {another blog post} the only thing to prepare for is tonight’s Season 7 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones.

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Two things are happening this season. We will see the longest episode in the series history and the shortest per the show runners. The great thing about HBO is no commercials. For me, The Spoils of War packed so much action in 50 minutes, at the end I thought days of torture was finally over.

The 50 minutes of Episode 4 was a nailing biting masterpiece in TV show history. The calm before the storm arrival of Arya back to Winterfell and Daenerys unleashing the full force of her army and children left me with mini heart attacks. I can only imagine what tonight’s 71 minutes of “on-the-edge” madness will leave behind. It will be more epic than The Battle of the Bastards and The Red Wedding combined.

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode Run Times
 Episode 1: 59 minutes – “Dragonstone”
 Episode 2: 59 minutes – “Stormborn”
 Episode 3: 63 minutes – “The Queen’s Justice”
 Episode 4: 50 minutes – “The Spoils of War”
 Episode 5: 59 minutes – “Eastwatch”
 Episode 6: 71 minutes – “Beyond The Wall”
 Episode 7: 81 minutes –  unknown

Source: Film-Book.com

I have not been able to grab a pair of solar eclipse glasses. I even went to Lenscrafters on the chance they are giving them away. No takers there either. I am sure they missed out on a great marketing tool with tomorrow’s events taking place.

However, the lovely thing about HBO, they will not have a shortage of ways to watch. All I need is the 14.99 monthly subscription and an unlimited data plan. I will have front row seats and it won’t require me to purchase a land & air package with a major airline. SCORE!

So, forget the solar eclipse. I rather have HBO NOW!!

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