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THE PRINCE Book Review | Tiffany Reisz (@tiffanyreisz) #SinnersSunday

I wish I could remember how The Original Sinners came across my radar. Maybe it’s the many awards the author, Tiffany Reisz has won. Maybe it’s the title of the series or the book covers.
Whatever the case may be, I am excited to devote the proper attention to this series. For the next several weeks, I plan to become the authority on all things Mistress Nora. By the end of Summer 2017, I will graduate with my Masters in The Original Sinners and I hope you take this journey with me.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…preferably in bed. “




Tiffany Reisz knows how to write smut – Elegant smut that is. Fans of BDSM & erotica will bow down and kiss the Review: The Prince by Tiffany Reiszboot of Tiffany Reisz’ The Prince, the third book in her Original Sinners series. We learn more and more about this Unholy Trinity. We are able to relive the joy and pain of all the firsts between Kingsley and Soren: the first time they meet, the first electrical touch and the first kiss.

Wes and Nora have reunited. She is visiting Wes’ world as The Prince of Kentucky ( horsebreeding country). Nora is no stranger to wealth and opulence. She has had some of the most powerful, uber-rich patrons as clients. However, when she visits The Rails she is blown away with all the grandeur.  For the first time, she realizes the “kid” she shared her home with was not the struggling student. In the meantime, Wes is still a virgin and he introduces her to his parents, with much disdained from his father, Jackson Railey.

Though Kingsley is the King of Kink in New York City, he has long cherished a deep and forbidden love for only one person, Soren. However, while his pet is away with Wes, Kingsley is ready to cast aside his honorable intensions and seduce Soren into taking him as a lover once again to help fill the void and provide a canvas for him to inflict pain, unlike anything he could possible give to Nora.

“If he couldn’t have the master he wanted, he could at least serve the master’s slave”

In this installment, we get a peak behind the curtain of Soren as a teenager – not as a priest. Kingsley meet Marcus (Soren) at St. Ignatius. Soren’s aura stirred a deep attraction within Kingsley immediately. Even as a teenager, Soren demanded obedience and discipline among his peers and Kingsley willingly sat as his feet – literally. This revelation of course makes him a submissive as well as a switch, a fact only the three of them know…himself, Soren and Nora.

Rekindling old fantasies isn’t the only thing to occupy our three sinners. There is a mystery involving arsonists and thieves. We have secrets and a tangled web of relationships for Kingsley, Soren and Nora.

I love this book from beginning to end and I beg all of you to read this series. You get a smart and intriguing twist. It’s funny, sad, tragic, religious and erotic, all in the best possible way. Because it’s so deliriously elegant, your inner bad girl will melt from joy while keeping your emotions buzzing along with the arousal.  It’s intensely sensual between Nora and Wes. It’s achingly emotional between Kingsley and Soren.

““I’m getting you a pair of red leather shoes for Christmas. Why should the Pope have all the fun?” “I miss beating you sometimes, Kingsley. I truly do.” 


5 KINK Review | Purchase via Amazon

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to Nora Sutherlin and, whichever one she chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make. Unless someone makes it for her…

Wes Railey is the object of Nora’s tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can’t forget. He’s young. He’s wonderful. He’s also thoroughbred royalty and, reuniting with him in Kentucky, she’s in his world now. But this infamous New York dominatrix is no simpering Southern belle, and Nora’s dream of fitting into Wesley’s world is perpetually at odds with the relentlessly seductive pull of Søren—her owner, her lover, the forever she cannot have. At least, not completely.

Meanwhile Nora’s associate Kingsley Edge is only too happy to take her place at Søren’s feet during her hiatus. Søren is the only man Kingsley has ever loved, and their dark, shared history has forged a bond that neither the years—nor Søren’s love for Nora—can break. But a new threat from an old adversary is forcing Kingsley to confront the past, reminding him that he must keep his friends close, and his enemies closer.

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