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Technically Mine

by Isabel North
Publication Date: April 19, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

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Nora Bowman’s love life just imploded. A road trip—not running away!—leads her to San Francisco and possibly the most beautiful man she’s ever seen in real life. And Nora saw all of him. Literally. Which is awkward, because he’s her new client. On the plus side, she’s discovered a new kink for tattooed bad boys. Who knew?

Tech millionaire Gabe Sterling has everything—but the one thing his money can’t buy is happiness. When he hires the latest in a long line of interior designers to remodel his secret hideaway, he never expects to fall for the designer’s quirky assistant. Gabe should be focusing on Sterling Enterprises’ ground-breaking new project, but Nora is driving him to distraction.

Will he choose the job and level up from millionaire to billionaire, or will Gabe choose a life with love-shy Nora…if, that is, he can convince her to take a chance on him.

Technically Mine is a fun, sexy story about finding your home—even if you have to run away from it first.

As he’d requested, she’d dressed fancy.

The fact she looked like a fancy librarian just made his night.

Gabe hadn’t thought Nora could turn him on any harder, but the outfit she’d chosen in an obvious attempt to douse his interest proved him wrong.

Each time he saw her, he wanted her more.

The knee-length black dress was prim, with cap sleeves, silk-covered buttons up the back, and a narrow, retro collar along the modest neckline. She’d teamed it with flats—nothing that might get him going, like heels—and she’d put her pale brown hair up in a sophisticated twist. Most of it. Some was slipping down as he watched.

Nora Bowman fascinated him.

She was warm and sweet, and she still looked at him like there were bars between them. He’d worked out that she was definitely the one in the cage, and he was even more determined to break through.

He wanted to be the one who set her free.

Fuck, that was romantic.

Gabe didn’t know why she was resisting the attraction between them, but he was content to let things play out at her speed. For now. To be honest, he was crossing his fingers and hoping she’d jump him.

While he was an optimistic man, however, he didn’t think tonight was going to be the night.

For a start, when he’d knocked on her apartment door a moment ago, she’d opened it a crack and sidled out. Then she’d stuck out her hand and given his a brisk shake.

“These are for you,” he said, passing her the extravagant bouquet of yellow roses he’d ordered thirty seconds after making the date. They’d been sitting on his desk, distracting him, all day.

Nora took the roses with a depth of pleasure that told him getting flowers was a novelty. Gabe had to make an effort not to let the strange anger that ran through him at this thought show on his face.

“They’re beautiful,” she said. “And yellow! My favorite color.”

He gave her a thorough, appreciative scan, and made sure that she saw him doing it. “I like your dress.”

“What, this old thing?” She looked him dead in the eye. “I’m not being coy. It’s old.”

“It is?”

“I bought it nine years ago. For my grandmother’s funeral.”

“I rate the funeral dress, huh?”

“It’s better than the alternative, trust me. Bridesmaid’s dress,” she added with heavy meaning.

That would have been even better than the librarian/funeral dress. He loved fighting his way through all the layers bridesmaids dresses inevitably had. Nora would have been breathless with laughter by the time he’d gotten to her at the center of it all.

And Gabe passionately wanted to make Nora breathless.

About Isabel North


Isabel North writes contemporary romance fiction and believes that love, like life, is best served with laughter. Her stories feature alpha heroes with a sense of humor, and quirky heroines who can handle the awkward moments on the way to their happily ever after. She independently published her first romantic comedy, Artfully Yours, after years of writing for young adults, and if she isn’t writing, she’s reading. Or eating ice cream. Sometimes both at the same time.

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