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Lyrical is a bittersweet romance about the drama of  being in love with a younger man . It’s a heartfelt romance that leaves you feeling good!

It’s the continuation love story between Chase and Jillian. Their happy ever after from Legal, book #1, is thrown off balance by the reality of introducing her son, Daniel to her boyfriend.

I was attracted to this duet with the younger man older woman trope in Legal. It was filled with the raw and animalistic sex between new lovers you crave to read about. This time around, it’s about tenderness and cuddling. Jillian is settling in to the idea of a future with Chase, possible having a baby and marriage. Chase is trying to prove to her he is and will be the best man for the job. While Legal explored Jillian as the sexy and tempting older woman, Lyrical explores Jillian as mother. A little too much reality for my romance escapism.

In conclusion, it’s a good read. It’s a genuine love story that won’t make you blush — too much, but just enough.   It devotes a lot to character development with balancing  motherhood  with Daniel and sexuality with Chase without many explicit sex scenes.

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Perfect. Flawless. Undeniable.

Falling in love with a man half my age changed my life.

Chase makes everything easier, brighter, better.

Together, we can conquer anything.

Until Daniel comes back.

At first it seems seamless.

But nothing is easy when you love two men.

Two incredible men.

I would die for him,

Will love him until my final breath.

After all, he is my son, my one and only,

Even if I want to wring his neck.

Where I see perfection, he only sees complications,

Of loving Chase.

He doesn’t understand – can’t understand.

It drives a wedge between us and into my heart.

How can I create harmony among two grown men,

When one of them is acting like a baby?




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Bree Dahlia is an unconventional romance junkie. She loves reading it but adores writing it even more. Her stories range from lighthearted to sizzling with that satisfying Happily Ever After ending and a touch of the unexpected. She favors themes of friendship, forgiveness, and unconditional love with alpha characters and eccentric tastes.

She holds degrees that she does nothing with and has experienced a long string of jobs that have left her unfulfilled. Only as an author, has she truly found her passion. When not crafting stories in her small Wisconsin town, she hikes unbeaten trails, watches hockey games, and wishes she didn’t detest cooking so much.

Dahlia is her middle name. Her last name is more suitable for a horror writer.

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