5 One-Hand Reads Guaranteed To Light Your Fire This Valentine’s Day


5. Indigo Nights by Louise Bay
This book was worth the hangover the next day from lack of sleep. It’s magical, dirty, real and erotic with a side of orgasms. Who needs chocolate? This is truly a great substitute as well. You will not be able to control the increase heart rate, the sense of euphoria, the tingling sensation and the ultimate wave of pleasure. Hear what I am NOT saying!

Indigo Nights | Louise Bay


4. Owned by M. Never
If you ever wonder what the dark side of D/s, master/slave relationship was like…look no further. Ellie wakes up the next morning in a cage with a hangover from being drugged. She is isolated, starved and sleep deprived for days while Kayne waits for her to give in and submit.

Owned | M Never

3. American Queen by Sierra Simone
Sierra Simon’s writing is my illustrious drug of choice. And I am totally addicted. You will find yourself experiencing anxiety, increase heart rate, palpitations and insomnia. The sex scenes are downright combustible, provocative, lewd and depraved. And that’s a good thing!

American Queen | Sierra Simone

2. Outsider by Olivia Cunning
Olivia Cunning is back at her absolute best! Nobody does rock star romance like her. NOBODY! To give Reagan, Trey and Ethan’s story the justice it luxuriously deserves, it is eye-popping scorching hot from start to finish. Olivia Cunning took a human story of family bonds, success, the power of music and created a “Rockstar Romance Powerhouse.” This is by far the best romp of the year. It holds you on the edge of your seat before arousing you out of it.

Outsider | Olivia Cunning

1. Priest by Sierra Simone

The sex is hot and forbidden. It’s the forbidden that pulls you in and makes you keep turning the pages. It’s the forbidden that keeps you wondering just how far? And it delivers.
Like all good dirty books, it has your toes twinkling and your lady bits twitching. There are times you will put away the Kindle and let a breathe out and say, “Whoa, get yourself together girl”

Priest by Sierra Simone



SO, there you have it! Our take on the best reads for Valentine’s Day 2017. What books would you add to our list or take away. Leave a comment and tell us. We would love to know some of your favorite one-hand reads!


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