TURN OVER by Violet Paige ~ Book Review

Author: Violet Paige
Publication Date: September 15, 2016
Source: Advanced reader copy kindly gifted by author in exchange for an honest review
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Turn Over by Violet Paige Book Review


Violet Paige has become my go to author for sports romance.  It’s sexy, spicy, extra spicy, heartwarming and sweet.

With the start of Fall, it can only mean football and love.   What happens when a CMT songstress gets knocked up by ESPN’s resident hottie? You have a flag thrown on the play!  Turn Over is a steamy story of love, music and football.  In the game of life, it’s about career versus love.

When false claims of paternity rears its headliner troubles for Luke, his team’s front office call in a public relations liaison to help spin Luke’s bad boy image into a more acceptable and positive light.  After all, his job may be jeopardy.   One night, at a charity event he does not want to attend, in a tux he does not want to wear – He is hit with a bolt of lightning – name Alexa Wilde.

To the world Alexa is country’s reigning American Sweetheart.  However, Luke quickly finds out she wants to be dirty and capable of pure unadulterated lust-filled romps in bed.  And there are many.  As a reader, if you are ok with characters shedding responsibility, you will not be disappointed and very much aroused.   In an effort to keep their high profile image intact, they plot and scheme private trysts while trying to keep it hidden from the public.

When I started this heartwarming story, I knew it was going to be a treat.  Prepare yourself to be charmed and emotional invested.  You will fall in love with Luke and Alexa.  The romance is full of sexual heat and heart-stopping romance.  Turn Over is well written with the common theme of bad boy meets good girl and makes her dirty.  You have many moments of tenderness and dreamy love scenes to make your heart sing with happiness. It’s a feel good romance with some angst I didn’t expect. A great twist to the outcome of the story

It’s a story about the pressures of being a professional athlete and a famous performer.  It’s a page-turner to make you cry tears of happiness. I can’t say enough about the characters.  Luke is a total womanizer with perfect swoon-worthy moments.

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She could save me. And I could destroy her.

Football was God and the stadium was my church. Except for the nights I would stay out, when the choir was the moaning in my bed.
I was the Austin Warriors bad boy. Alcohol. Women. Parties. You name it—I would try it.
But one gold digger started a rumor and suddenly I was on the hook for something I didn’t do… this time.
The owner made me promise to change my image, and I said I would try. I mean I’ll try anything, once.

America’s Sweetheart, that’s what they called me. Pure. Sweet. Successful. If only they had known the truth from the beginning, the crowds wouldn’t think I was so perfect.
But one night changed everything.
I met the Austin Warriors QB.
After Luke Canton I was lost and found. Consumed and wrecked. He was the only man who saw the real me. And I had to face it… because there was a chance I was having his baby.


Violet Paige is a thirty something mama who loves sports and writes about the delicious men on and off the field. When she’s not writing you can find her baking and spending time at the beach with her family. Open up a book, raise the score, and enjoy the men of Violet Paige.



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