TEASE (The Submission Series #2) by CD Reiss ~ Book Review #SubmissionSunday



Tease  (Songs of Submission)
Author: CD Reiss
Book Review: 5 KINK Review 

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Welcome back to the Drazen World.

Erotic starts here!  The theme for Tease should be OPEN WIDE.  Because Monica spends most of her time with her legs open.  Talk about sheer sexual bliss.  The book had me at the first word “Jonathan”.  Once with Jonathan is not enough. The sex-o-meter went from 0 to 60 in one sentence.  And to think he plans to rock Monica’s world in 3 dates.  (yeah right!?)

Give yourself a little Drazen therapy and make it last for weeks.  Monica certainly did.  She finds herself with an extreme case of Drazen withdrawal while he is away in Seoul for business.  She’s in perpetual arousal and counting the days wondering when and if she will see him again.  Her body has been completely thrown out of rhythm.

Then Jonathan returns and tells Monica

“All I can picture in my mind is spreading your legs.”

And for the rest of the book, she keeps spreading them willingly and happily while begging for more.   Immediately we get the sense even Jonathan doesn’t quite understand the hold she has over his thoughts.  Your heart will break when he makes no promises.  He believes he does not have the heart to give her the relationship that she truly wants.  She is not certain if she should ask for it or not, but she throws caution in the wind and make it count:

“I want you all to myself. I want to know what they didn’t do so I can do it. So I can keep you longer.”  [Go girl!]

As you read, there will be no dull moments.  The dialogue is snappy, smart and real.  In the meantime, she agrees to give him all her orgasms. How will she survive when he is away on business?

Jonathan is KING of Delayed Gratification.  The sex between the two of them is blazing hot and off the charts.  It will leave you a little bruise too while reading it (wink).   It was unexpected and brilliant considering I didn’t get that much indication of how hot the sex will be in BEG.  If Tease  is an indication of how it will progress throughout the series, I seriously think I will need a new Kindle by the end of the story.    Jonathan is so laid back he is like catnip of ecstasy!



You know what I can handle?
I can handle Jonathan Drazen.
Oh, he’s going to dump me if I don’t dump him first. And I will. I’m going to drop his hot little butt as if it was on fire….but just after this one more time.

On The KINK Report ~ Review of Tease (Submission #2) by CD Reiss

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Tease (Submission Series #2) by CD Reiss~ Book Review

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