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Show Me, Sir by Sonni De Soto
Published by: Sinful Press
Publication date: April 30th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance

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Max Wells is a ball-busting, ass-kicking testament to female empowerment, who’s yet to meet the person who can push her down.
Until she meets a man she only knows as Sir.
Shamelessly deviant, Hayato, knows exactly what Max thinks of Dominants like him. So ready to dismiss his lifestyle, she’s the type to assume she knows everything about it and him after one cursory glance from the outside in. But, looking at Max—at her intelligence and passion—he can see more in her than the misconceptions she’s deliberately blinding herself with.
And, determined, he plans to show her more.
Max finds herself fascinated by this man who insists on challenging her every belief as he leads her into his world of dark desires. Matching his clash of wit, will, and seduction, Max begins to question all she knows about what it means to be empowered.
Used to being unquestionably on top, Hayato is intrigued by Max’s formidable delight in playing games and striking deals that shifts his usual power dynamics as they negotiate roles and rewrite rules.
But, just as their game heats up, it gets used against them. Seeking to punish them with their play, someone threatens to drag their private lives out into the public spotlight.
With high stakes and bitter scandal looming over their heads, Max and her Sir will have to work together to show that what the world thinks they are does not define who they are.



Excerpt from Show Me, Sir 


She felt him exhale, relief and excited heat firing his arctic gaze. “Take it off,” he said. “Now.”
Max swallowed and reached behind her back. Like she had with the slip, she slid the straps down before she unsnapped the hooks of her bra. She sat tall as the sturdy, padded, underwired cloth fluttered down onto their laps, leaving her naked and exposed, hidden only by the filmy fog steaming up the car windows. She shivered.
His intake of air was sharp and choked before he groaned. He leaned forward to nuzzle her bared flesh, the fierce angles of his face scraping against her sensitive skin.
“Sir.” She moaned and her hand cupped the back of his head. To pull him away or hold him close, she wasn’t sure yet.
“My hands didn’t move.” He bent to wetly suck her nipple into his mouth. “Ten,” he said, his voice a ragged rasp, before moving to the other nipple, “and two.”
“Oh God!” Her back arched, shoving her breast against his welcoming lips again, her hand clawing at his scalp. “More.” She gasped. More.
She felt him grin against her skin before he closed his mouth over her nipple again, laving it, sucking it. When his teeth nibbled lightly, Max lost her breath.
That was all she could think.
Her hands reached between her parted thighs, brushing aside the discarded bra.
“Oh yeah.” He moaned between heated licks. “Touch yourself. Make yourself come for me.”
Uh-uh. He was forgetting the rules again. This was for her. And she would do as she liked. And what she wanted was him. She tore at the fastening of his pants, shoving the zippered halves apart and reaching in to touch his cock.
She snickered a bit. “Of course you’d go sans boxers.” No silk shorts or cotton briefs for him. Nothing but raw vitality beneath his corporate wear. Figured.
“Max,” the hymnal hum of his voice hitched, her nipple popping out of his mouth. His entire body tensed the second her hand cupped him. Satisfaction flooded her and she reveled in the smooth, hard heat of him. “Ah, hell.”
She pulled his semi-hard length free from his pants, wrapping her fist around him, and stroked the swiftly thickening shaft. She looked down at his foxish face, frozen in need, his eyes closed and his head thrown back. Every muscle in his body was held impossibly tight while his hips jerked involuntarily into her palm.
“Ah, God, Max.” He moaned, his hips thrusting faster as he fucked her fist. “Ah, fuck.”
A door slammed.
Max’s heart stopped.
“Fuck!” she heard him hiss as his hands fumbled for his pants. “Shit!”
Oh God. She froze, her mind blanking in panic.
“For God’s sake, get down.” He abandoned his efforts to wrestle his hard-on back into his pants. Instead, he just grabbed her head and shoved her down. Holding her head in his lap, her cheek pressed against his still open fly while she stared wide-eyed at his vicious, angry-looking erection.



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Sonni de Soto is an Asian kinkster of color, who loves and lives the lifestyle when she can. Her work involves The Taming School and Show Me, Sir, as well as stories in Between the Shores: Erotica With Consent and The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology. Like any good nerd, she loves learning new and interesting things about science, art, culture, and, of course, sex and love. She’s always thrilled to hear from readers; you can get in touch with Sonni de Soto at

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