PRINCE OF THE PRESS: A Powerplay Novella
Author: Selena Laurence
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 25, 2016
Publisher: C. P. Writes, LLC


Prince of the Press


Synopsis from Amazon:   

He’s the media’s darling,
A famous Player they call the Prince of the Press.
She’s the good girl,
One dollar from disaster, and they call her Responsible.
His brother is her boss,
Her brother is his nemesis.
When opposites can’t attract,
The Prince will press his luck,
And he might cost her more than just her job.

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PRINCE OF THE PRESS: A Powerplay Novella

My two cents: 4 KINK Review

I just finish Prince of the Press in preparation for reading the 2nd book in the series: THE KINGMAKER.

First. I will admit that I am a sucker for romance with politics, sex and scandal. So, when I saw the cover of the book with the Lincoln Memorial I totally jumped on it. Plus, it was FREE. Score!

Every player wants a girl that is worth the change!

When the first line of the book makes you sit up straight to tuck your legs under, you know you are in for a blissful state of reading.  I was expecting sex and scandal, however was pleasantly surprised when the book went in another direction. I enjoyed the characters Renee and Marcus.  As a novella, the book is a quick and easy read. 

It has everything I enjoy in a book – perfect meet cute, instant attraction, and sizzling chemistry both characters try to ignore. Renee Erikson is managing heavy family responsibilities with no time for dating and romance. She especially does not want to deal with a notorious playboy who wants the thrill of a chase only to kick her to the curve when he learns about her extra baggage. Marcus Ambrose is trying to prove he is not that guy! You will enjoy the energy and effort he puts in to win her heart.

It’s both heartwarming and steamy. Definitely worth reading and I’m looking forward to other stories in the series.

What’s next?  The KINGMAKER  (Derek Ambrose, the older brother)  Pre-order now with 1-Click

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