Sexting Sunday 221: Indigo Nights by Louise Bay

Sexting Sunday Meme

The #SextingSunday is a MEME hosted by Lola @ Mile High KINK Book Club. It’s an opportunity to share uber sexy sexts from books read in the previous week. Sign up to get #SextingSunday via email on the blog at The KINK Report

WARNING: This contains sexually explicit language. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

This month I had the pleasure of reading Indigo Nights by Louise Bay. The book blew me into a million pieces.  My  Kindle Paperwhite is a beautiful thing. In case you didn’t know, it allows you to highlight sentences, paragraphs you love or move you for whatever reason. I practically highlighted the entire book. It’s just that mind-blowing, toe-curling, palm-twitching great!

This is the sexting session between Beth (aka Airport Orgasm) and Dylan while she was attending a Sunday family dinner with her brother and his wife.


Dylan:  Did you hear yet?

Beth: You are very kind to take an interest, but funnily enough, they haven’t been in touch on a Sunday

Dylan: It’s my cock taking an interest.  I want to fuck you against the shower wall. Right now.

Beth: I’m at dinner, surrounded by kids. You can’t talk to me about your cock.

Dylan:  I want to slide into you, filling you until you can barely breathe.

Beth: Stop

Dylan: You’re going to be begging me not to when I twist my fingers around your clit.

Beth: I have to go.


Out Now Indigo Nights

Indigo Nights by Louise Bay
Publication Date: February 9, 2016
Source: ARC gifted by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review


The only thing better than cake is cake with a side of orgasms.

Dylan James uses women for sex and they use him for his money and power. It’s quid pro quo and he’s good with that. It works.

Beth Harrison has been burned by men so she’s swapped sex for cake. As she begins her career as a TV baker, a new world opens up to her.

Dylan and Beth both know that casual sex is all about giving what you need to get what you want.

Except that sometimes you give more than you need to and get everything you ever wanted.

A stand-alone, full length novel with no cliffhanger

Buy Now with 1-Click


Dylan Indigo Nights

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SextingSunday MemeWhat’s a better time to sext your lover then early Sunday morning?  You’re lying in the bed, sheets tangled around your legs thinking about last night! It keeps you connected when you are not together.  It could be  flirting, hooking up or a means to get excited for an upcoming visit.

So, it suddenly hits me while reading.  Let’s create a MEME of all the great sexts we come across in our good reads (pun intended) and post them each Sunday.  

I created a button you are welcome to use.  Anyone can participate as long as you:

✈ Share your link to the Meme’s post

✈ Visit others who have shared their link to the Meme’s post

Sexting Sunday first appeared on the blog Mile High KINK Book Club.

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