ADDICTED TO SIN Book Review | Monica James – Author

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Sinful Pleasures Book #1 

Author: Monica James
Publisher: Bookouture, October 8, 2015
Format: Kindle
Source: ARC Courtesy of Netgalley


Addicted to Sin





I knew she was bad news when she walked into my office, but I just couldn’t help myself…

Filthy, sexy and full of surprises, Juliet is so hot she has me on fire. I’ve met my match and I can’t help going back for more.

Then there’s Madison… she’s sweet, funny and awakens in me a fierce need to protect her.

But I don’t do relationships. I don’t usually do the same woman twice.

Juliet and Madison: Two very different women have got me completely hooked.

Who will I choose?

I know who I should choose, but I never said I was the hero of this story, or even the good guy. And besides, who wants to be good, when it feels so good being bad?

My tale isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re game, strap yourself in and expect the unexpected. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…


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Sparkling Book Review


This title was the first book I read by the author.    In my opinion it’s a dark romance. I was intrigue by the reviews to reveal the big secret. Just when I had the angst figured out, another twist to the plot happens.

I enjoyed the friendship between Madison and Dixon.  I enjoyed the interaction between Juliet and Dixon up until the end of the story.  I did not like Dixon in the beginning. I love and appreciate a cocky alpha male with flaws.  The flaws of Dr. Dixon run very deep and would take a great deal of redemption to overcome to be likeable.

In the end the love he confesses redeems him.  However, this story is not for me.   The dark element is a trigger I do not wish to explore when I read romance.

The writing was excellent.  The multiple POVs were very helpful in understanding the history of each character.  In closing, this will not be my last book from the author. I want to know if this is a standard subgenre she explores or just my lucky draw for this type of angst.  If Driven to Sin is the continuation of the story, I will choose to skip it however.

2KINK Review for the angst storyline


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