4KINK Book Review: Get Sexy! A Juicy Girl’s Guide by Lucy Rowett

TheKinkReport Book Review

Get Sexy!: A Juicy Girl’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Natural Sensuality

Author: Lucy Rowett

Release Date: December 30, 2015


Do you ever wonder how some women just ooze sexiness without even trying? This is the secret: Sexiness is nothing to do with your body size, having a good hair day or wearing a tonne of makeup. Your sexiness comes from your connection to your body and your feminine essence. Learn how to tap into your innate sexiness and sensuality in this juicy guide.

Reviewed by TheKINKReport

Are you ready for Sexy You?     

It’s a new year. It’s a new you. What’s a better time to reevaluate life and your happiness in it?   Then you come across a wonderful self-help tool to make you stop and rethink the process.

Get Sexy is fun, effective and truly unique. It’s design to seek and find your inner vixen by accepting who you are right now!

I thought I was going to read the same old stuff. No I didn’t! I got something new from it and I’m part of Generation X.  

 “I am fabulous. I am gorgeous. I am so clever. I look great. I am so lovable.”

Put it on repeat.  We hear it. But do we speak it often to ourselves? The author share simple tips to start the sexy explosion. From connecting to your hips to dancing naked.  

Get Sexy’s guide is design for the reader to learn how to own her body and her sexuality.

This is a wonderful short read. It’s perfect in content. It speaks to some things we already know. And it introduces something new!  

 4 Sexy KINK Review

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  1. Thank you so much! I am so touched that you enjoyed this book, and got something new out of it. That was my intention: to blast the old beauty/sexy myth ❤


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